CCHIT's ACO HIT Framework

We are at the beginning of a transformation of our health care system from a volume based to a value based model, and healthcare providers face a number of challenges and strategic choices as they prepare for that future. 

Among the many factors that will contribute to the success of providers in the midst of this transformation is a focused HIT roadmap that aligns their organization's resources with its goals and objectives for accountable care.  Without guidance, many organizations may struggle to identify and prioritize their HIT needs.  

To provide that guidance, CCHIT has developed this ACO HIT Framework. The Framework is a guide to developing a technology roadmap that will mitigate some of the risks associated with taking on accountability for costs, quality of care and patient loyalty.  It is designed as a starting point for provider groups developing HIT roadmaps, for payers looking to assess or complement the HIT capabilities of their provider partners, and for HIT developers designing products to fill gaps in currently available technology.

CCHIT offers its thanks to the Commission and advisory panel members who voluntarily committed their time to this new project.

As the HIT needs of an accountable care delivery system are defined and as HIT itself continues to evolve, the Framework also will evolve.  In the interim, we hope this first step will prove useful to all stakeholders and we invite comment on the Framework at

Download the ACO HIT Framework.

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