2015: The Year Gone by for Healthcare Information Technology


2016 is upon us and a new year brings new advancements in technology. In healthcare, although technology has been accepted as a valuable resource, the adoption has been much slower than in other industries. Most healthcare IT leaders are playing a changing game that requires constantly adopting and evolving in the way technology is used to manage the business.

Seamless Care Delivery

With changing consumer needs that require healthcare service providers to be as responsive as other sectors, more and more providers are looking at ways to bridge the existing gap. Hospitals are working towards building a database of comprehensive patient profiles that will help them offer personalised healthcare plans in the coming year. Many providers are slowly switching from outsourcing IT services to creating simpler in-house teams to avoid the risk of sharing sensitive data even if it means a high initial investment. Potential industry leaders see how lagging in terms of embracing new technology will affect their delivery efficiency and are looking at ways to improve service delivery outcomes while managing costs.

Technological Advances That Are Transforming Patient Engagement

Healthcare has come a long way from people waiting in long queues to meet doctors to buying medicines online. It has thus become imperative that more healthcare providers tap the use of social media to engage their patients outside traditional working hours. As a sector tender towards adopting new technology with increasing market needs, new advances are constantly exploding into the healthcare sector. While a few sustain, many other weak ones do not get to see the light of the day.

Exciting influx of advances is happening with respect to wearable tracking devices, online patient-centred care, advances that help deal with security breaches head-on. An increasing number of patients are wearing tracking devices that constantly monitor their sleep pattern, physical activity, calorie intake, etc. – a technology that will impact active patient engagement positively.

image01Software for Every Kind of Data

A number of healthcare providers are making their speech recognition software, which was earlier accessible only to doctors, available to nurses and other members of the support staff. This makes it easier, faster and more accurate to record and store data at each level of data input.

Tackling Cyber-Attacks

For smart minds with every challenge comes a business idea. This has been true of the biggest challenge the healthcare information technology industry has been facing – breach of seemingly secure data. Cyber-attacks are on the rise and there are companies setting up around-the-clock security operation centres to better use their personnel and technological resources to keep cyber- attacks at bay.

Digital Healthcare Gets a Boost

To encourage the use of technology in healthcare and to help innovative ideas take form, a Los Angeles based medical centre, Cedars- Sinai has partnered with Techstars, a start-up accelerator to