The Best 8000 Spinning Reel: Reviews & Guide

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Are you an angler looking for the perfect spinning reel to handle those big fish? Look no further! The 8000-sized spinning reel is your ticket to success in hunting for larger specimens. With its ample line capacity, long casts, and powerful drag system, an 8000-sized reel is ideal for anyone looking to target those bigger catches. Whether you’re a pro fisherman or just getting started, this guide will show you the benefits of using an 8000-sized spinning reel and provide all the information you need to know before making a purchase.

If you invest in a high-quality reel, you’ll enjoy unrivalled ease of use, longevity, and versatility in your fishing techniques. With careful maintenance, it will last much longer than you expected. We’ve included some real corkers on this list of the all-time favourites we’ve purchased or sampled over the years.

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Best 8000 Spinning Reel Reviews -2023

1. PENN Battle III Spinning Fishing Reel


PENN Fishing Battle II & III Spinning Fishing Reel (All Models & Sizes), Black Gold, 8000 (BTLIII8000)

  • 5+1 sealed stainless steel ball bearing system
  • CNC Gear technology
  • Line Capacity Rings
  • Full Metal Body and sideplate
  • HT-100 carbon fiber drag washers

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The Battle II HT-100 reels are built to last in any environment. Gears made of hardened steel are precision machined for durability. The spool is made of a hard-anodized aluminium alloy, making it both strong and resistant to corrosion. The drag washers on each Battle II reel are keyed into the spool’s arbor, allowing for greater maximum drags and easier casting.

PENN Battle III Spinning Reels are an excellent option for any fisherman searching for a high-performance, long-lasting spinning reel. The HT-100 carbon fiber drag washers and full metal body and side plate increase durability and resistance to corrosion. The line retrieval and stopping power are both guaranteed by the 5+1 sealed stainless steel ball bearing system. To maximize operation speeds, gear life, and running performance, CNC Gear technology optimizes gear surface treatment.

2. PENN Battle Spinning Reel Kit

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The line capacity rings on the Battle II Spinning Reel make adjusting the reel’s line capacity a breeze, making it ideal for competitive fishing. Aluminium bail wire and an extended handle improve both strength and sensitivity. The main gear’s high tensile strength allows for smooth retrieval, while the heavy-duty side plate structure keeps the weight down. The premium aluminum rod stock is CNC-machined into a single piece for the frame, which allows for greater pliability and durability. Though it has a long handle and a bail wire made of aluminum, this high-quality reel weighs only 6 ounces.

For the serious fisherman, nothing beats the PENN Battle Spinning Reel Kit. This package features a high-quality Battle spinning fishing reel, a replacement anodized aluminum spool, and a sturdy neoprene reel cover to safeguard your investment. The Battle spinning reel is a popular choice among anglers due to its many desirable features, including its sleek HT-100 drag, sturdy construction, and sleek aesthetics.

3. Okuma Avenger Graphite Body 7 Ball Bearing Freshwater Spinning Reel


Okuma, Avenger New Generation Spinning Reel, 4.8:1 Gear Ratio, 38.30" Retrieve Rate, 35 lb Max Drag, Ambidextrous

  • Quick-Set anti-reverse roller bearing
  • Multi-disc, Japanese oiled felt drag system
  • 6BB + 1RB for ultimate smoothness and performance

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You better be ready for a fight when you’re using the Okuma Avenger Graphite Body 7 Ball Bearing Freshwater Spinning Reel. This reel has a 6BB + 1RB multi-disc drag system made of Japanese oiled felt for superior smoothness and performance. The Quick-Set anti-reverse roller bearing in the Okuma Avenger Graphite Body 7 Ball Bearing Freshwater Spinning Reel keeps you from having any trouble with backlashes and also serves as your anti-reverse mechanism.

Okuma Avenger 7 Ball Bearing Graphite Body The graphite housing and rotor of this freshwater spinning reel are corrosion-resistant thanks to the gears being machine cut from solid brass. *CFR: Cyclonic Flow Rotor technology guarantees easy castability with lower effort and reduced weight thanks to a special clutch system that allows the rotor to spin freely but seamlessly engage when called upon. A longer service life is ensured by the precision Elliptical Gearing system’s reduced backlash and increased resistance to line twist.

4. Shimano’s Thunnus CI4 Spinning Reel

Shimano Fishing Thunnus 8000Ci4 Sw SPN Saltwater Spinning Reels [TU8000CI4]

  • One-Piece Bail
  • Propulsion Line Management System

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Lightweight and powerful are two characteristics rarely found in the same sentence, making Shimano’s Thunnus CI4 Spinning Reel seem like it defies the laws of nature. The large arbor design facilitates speedy line retrieval, and the carbon composite construction in strategic areas keeps weight down while maintaining strength and durability. Anglers can enjoy their time on the water for many hours thanks to the rod’s lightweight, ergonomic one-piece aluminum handle.

The new Shimano Thunnus CI4 spinning reel has a drag system that can handle the most stubborn fish, and it’s lighter than its predecessor. If you’re using live bait, you’ll appreciate how simple it is to cast and retrieve thanks to the reel’s extra-large handle knobs, which rotate smoothly and don’t budge. When battling large game fish, a thumb bar on the side can be used for an extra hand. The sophisticated in-house carbon fibre drag system makes this rig ideal for trolling in both saltwater and freshwater environments.

5. KastKing Kapstan Elite Saltwater Spinning Reel

KastKing Kapstan Elite Spinning Reel,Saltwater Fishing Reel,Size 8000

  • EXCEPTIONALLY STRONG & SMOOTH DRAG: This premium saltwater spinning reel is designed with a powerful braking force for reeling in Big Fish. Sizes 3000/4000 have an ultra-smooth triple-disc carbon fiber drag system and 30lbs max drag; 5000/6000 have a quad-disc carbon fiber drag system with 40lbs max drag; 8000 have a special double drag system, that consist of five front carbon fiber discs and one oversized spool carbon disc, to provide 55lbs max drag. Perfect for reeling in big game fish.
  • SUPER STRONG ALUMINUM BODY: Max-strength CNC aluminum frame construction. Sizes 3000/4000 have a carbon fiber rotor for strength with reduced weight. Sizes 5000/6000/8000 have a CNC Aluminum Rotor for extra-strength and power fishing. The large power handle and knob are machined from solid aluminum to provide incredible cranking power. This spinning reel has the strongest overall design for offshore sport-fishing, deep-sea game fishing, and blue water fishing.
  • AERO-SPACE QUALITY GEARS: Best-in-class HRB 90 high strength aerospace alloy pinion gear with manganese brass gear guarantees extreme durability and a smooth operation. These heavy-duty gears are 20% more durable than Aluminum and 95% more durable than zinc alloys. And the high-capacity CNC aluminum spool has a braid-ready structure, so there’s no need for back braiding when spooling.
  • ATTENTION-MANUAL BAIL DESIGN: To reduce line twist, we always recommend manually closing the bail arm after making a cast when using any spinning reel. However, on the size 3000 & 4000 Kapstan Elite Spinning reels, you can turn the handle to close the bail if you prefer. The size 5000/6000 & 8000 Kapstan Elite spinning reels are a different design. These reels require you to manually close the bail to begin the retrieve.
  • BUILT FOR SALTWATER FISHING: Specially engineered for offshore saltwater fishing. Kapstan Elite Spinning Reel is KastKing’s highest level 100% Waterproof fishing reel at level of IPX6, with up to 15 EverSeal rubber rings to keep water out of the main gear. The KastKing Intrusion Shield System includes labyrinth-style greased sealing grooves that reduce rotational resistance and provide an innovative water-tight seal.

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The Kapstan Elite is a high-end saltwater spinning reel made with big game fishing in mind. Featuring a high-grade CNC Aluminum body, 6061 aluminum frame and cage, 100% waterproof up to IPX6 standard, rustproof, anti-corrosion coating on the metal parts, and abrasion resistant, corrosion-resistant bearings. This reel is a must-have for any angler who plans on going fishing, no matter the time of year or the weather.

For both freshwater and saltwater fishing, the Kapstan Elite series from KastKing is the best spinning reel you can buy. To ensure maximum performance, the reel’s CNC aluminum frame is both lightweight and robust. The smooth, consistent, and long-lasting retrieves result from two ball bearings. When fighting large saltwater fish, a sturdy drive shaft can take the abuse. Thanks to the high capacity CNC aluminium spool’s “braid ready” design, you won’t need to back braid line when spooling. The aluminium rotor, handle, and knob generate extreme cranking force.

Buying Guide

When shopping for the best 8000 spinning reel for big fish hunting, there are several factors to keep in mind. The type of fishing you’ll be doing, the size of your catch, and the budget you have available will all affect your decision. It’s important to consider all these aspects before making a purchase so that you end up with a product that’s perfect for your needs.

Line Capacity

Smaller species, especially in saltwater, can make rapid progress when given a clear path to the open sea. Capacity to store enough line to deal with these challenges without losing the battle because you ran out of spool is a must-have feature in any high-quality reel.

A minimum capacity of 300 yards is recommended in most situations. One day, capacity will determine whether or not you bring home a trophy or tell a fish story, even if you’re using braided line.

Braided Line Compatibility

Many desirable features for a saltwater fishing line are present in braided line. You should make sure that the reel you choose can handle this type of line in addition to monofilament.

Most modern reels can be spooled with braided line (here’s how to do it without tangles), but the best have additional features that make the most of the braided line, such as

  • control slipping
  • bails without slits where the line can get tangled or snagged
  • parts that are strong enough to withstand the slicing force of this line


Need a trolling rig for the ocean? Can’t be helped. Since it will be sitting in a holder for the majority of the day, you should get the largest brass version available. In contrast, a spinning reel is likely to spend more time in your hand than any other part of your fishing gear. And there will come a time when you want to do nothing but cast, retrieve, cast, and retrieve from the moment you leave the dock until the moment you return, even if that’s several hours later.

Because of this, it will be important to hold and swing with all of your weight. While a lighter reel will help you make the most of your day and equipment, you shouldn’t skimp on durability in exchange for portability.

Corrosion Protection

Your saltwater reels are built to withstand the extreme conditions it experiences, making them distinct from your freshwater reels. Your reel will be subjected to salt’s corrosive and abrasive effects all day, every day. A high-quality reel will be built to withstand the corrosive effects of salt water and salt spray.


The amount of force required to wind line onto the reel is determined by this mechanical, adjustable friction. Choosing a reel with a maximum drag powerful enough to wear down, turn, and ultimately land the largest fish you are targeting is crucial.

Because the angler’s arm strength becomes the limiting factor, most professionals agree that a drag rating above 30–40 lbs is largely ineffective. A higher drag rating, on the other hand, may indicate better resistance to sudden increases in speed or force.


Your reel’s internal moving parts need to be safeguarded from the wear and tear that comes from rotating metal parts. The use of bushings allows for cheaper or lighter models, but it typically leads to lower tolerances and a stop-and-go motion.

Ball bearings are used in high-quality reels because they allow for a smoother action, especially when the reel is under pressure. The more indicators there are, the better the course of action will be.

Gear Ratio

Your reel’s gears work just like the gears on a bicycle, increasing the amount of force exerted with each rotation of the handle. Reels with a lower gear ratio are more manageable to turn, but they need to be turned significantly more in order to retrieve the same amount of line as reels with a higher ratio.

If the ratio is 4:1, then every time you turn the handle the spool will turn four times. Also, a higher ratio (such as 6:1) means the spool will turn six times for every turn of the handle, allowing for a quicker retrieval.

  • Jigging and live lining are both effective techniques that benefit from the lower gear ratio.
  • The higher gear ratio is preferable when searching large areas quickly or retrieving lures at high speeds.


Durability is another important factor when choosing an 8000 spinning reel. Look for a model that’s constructed from corrosion-resistant materials like graphite, aluminum or stainless steel. These materials are designed to withstand saltwater use, which means they won’t corrode or rust over time. Additionally, make sure the components like bearings and gears are made from high quality materials so that they remain reliable even after long periods of fishing in harsh environments.

Check out

Finally, check out the features offered by each model before making your decision. Spinning reels with quick drag systems and adjustable handles can provide anglers extra convenience while fishing. Other useful features include multi-disc drag systems and anti-reverse technology to reduce line tangles during retrieval. Many reels also come with additional accessories like spare spools or bags for easy storage and transport of your gear.

By considering all these factors when shopping for an 8000 spinning reel, you’ll be able to find a product that fits your individual needs perfectly while providing long lasting performance in even the toughest conditions out on the water.

Benefits of 8000-sized Spinning Reel

The 8000-sized spinning reel is a great choice for big fish hunting. It is the perfect size for large species of fish such as salmon, bass, walleye, and muskie. The larger spool size allows for more line capacity and greater distance when casting your bait or lure. This is especially important when fishing in deep water or offshore. With an 8000-sized spinning reel, you can cast farther with more accuracy than you would be able to with a smaller reel.

The drag system on an 8000-sized spinning reel is also considered to be superior to that of smaller reels. Since they are designed to handle bigger fish, they have a much higher max drag weight than smaller reels making it easier to land a big one. Many of these reels even come with adjustable drag settings so that you can adjust the tension according to the type of fishing you are doing and the size of the fish you are fighting against.

When it comes to retrieves, an 8000-sized spinning reel will provide smooth and effortless motion when retrieving your line. They are also made from durable materials like metal and graphite which help make them lightweight yet strong enough to handle powerful gamefish like tuna or marlin. These reels also feature oversized line roller guides which allow for smoother casts and longer casts since there is less resistance from the line when being pulled in by the long roller guides.

Overall, an 8000-sized spinning reel is an excellent choice for big game fishing applications such as saltwater or freshwater angling. It provides power, distance, accuracy and strength all in one package allowing anglers to target larger species of fish with confidence knowing that their tackle won’t let them down during a fight!


An 8000-sized spinning reel is an ideal choice for big fish hunting. When selecting a reel, it’s important to consider the size, line capacity, drag system, and gear ratio. Before purchasing an 8000-sized spinning reel, there are some important questions to consider.

  • What type of big fish am I looking to catch?

Different species of fish require different sizes of bait and lures. An 8000-sized spinning reel should have enough capacity to hold the heaviest lures and baits used for big game fishing.

  • What type of drag system does the reel have?

A good drag system can prevent breakage due to excessive force when fighting a large fish. The smoothness and power of the drag system should be considered when selecting an 8000-sized spinning reel.

  • What is the gear ratio?

A higher gear ratio will provide more torque and faster retrieval speeds which can be beneficial when big fish are involved. However, too high of a gear ratio can make it difficult to set the hook accurately so it is important to find a balance between speed and accuracy.

  • What type of line capacity does the reel have?

An 8000-sized spinning reel should have enough line capacity for any situation you may encounter when big game fishing. It should also be able to handle heavy lines for increased durability and strength when fighting larger species of fish.

When choosing an 8000-sized spinning reel for big game fishing, these questions should always be asked before making a purchase. By considering all aspects such as size, line capacity, drag system, and gear ratio you can ensure that your new reel will be up to any task that comes its way!


In conclusion, the best 8000 spinning reel for big fish hunting is an essential tool for anglers looking to catch larger game fish. Not only does it give you greater casting distance and line capacity than smaller reels, but it also provides you with more control over your line and a smoother drag system. With the right reel, your next fishing trip can be a successful one! Before buying, make sure to do research on different types of reels, read reviews on specific models, and consider factors such as weight, size, drag power, gear ratio, and material in order to find the perfect fit for your needs. Additionally, you should also take into account any additional benefits that a particular model might offer such as anti-corrosion properties or extended durability. With these tips in mind, you should be well on your way to finding the perfect 8000 spinning reel for your big fish hunting adventure!

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