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Elvis Presley was an iconic entertainer who forever changed the face of music and popular culture One of his most recognizable trademarks was his one-of-a-kind jumpsuits. Whether it was a brightly colored rhinestone suit or a classic white, Elvis had a unique sense of style that made each jumpsuit its masterpiece. For decades, Elvis fans have searched for the best jumpsuits to capture a bit of the King’s essence. From custom creations to vintage finds, there are many options for those looking to get their hands on an iconic piece of music history. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best Elvis jumpsuits available today and discuss why they’re so sought after by fans worldwide.

Our Favorites:

1. Elvis Super Deluxe Grand Heritage Costume

2. Elvis Now Deluxe Aloha Elvis Costume

3. Elvis Woman’s Secret Wishes Sexy Jumpsuit Costume

4. Rubie’s Grand Heritage Elvis Costume – M

5. Aloha Elvis Adult Costume

What Are Elvis Jumpsuits?

Elvis Jumpsuits have become an iconic part of the King’s image and style. They are a one-piece suit with wide legs, often adorned with sequins and rhinestones. The jumpsuit is usually cut to fit snugly around the waist and extend down to the ankles. The neckline may be open or closed and often has a stand-up collar. These jumpsuits were designed by Elvis Presley himself, and they became incredibly popular during his lifetime.

Elvis wore many different types of jumpsuits throughout his career. Still, some of the most beloved ones include his ‘Aloha’ suit, which he wore at the 1973 Aloha from Hawaii concert, and the white ‘Phoenix’ jumpsuit he wore during his Las Vegas concerts in 1975 and 1976. He also had a few jumpsuits in bright colours like purple, red, blue and green due to their popularity on stage.

These iconic jumpsuits are now available online from various websites specializing in Elvis merchandise. They come in various styles, including traditional cuts inspired by Elvis’ original designs, modern interpretations with more daring cuts, and even replica versions made using fabrics similar to those used for the King’s original costumes. Whether you’re looking for something fun to wear for a special event or want to pay tribute to your favourite singer, Elvis Jumpsuits make for an eye-catching fashion statement that will have everyone talking!

#Top 10 Picks

# Preview Product
1 Aloha Elvis Adult Costume,White,Large

Aloha Elvis Adult Costume,White,Large

2 Rubie's Deluxe Elvis Child Costume, Large Size, One Color

Rubie's Deluxe Elvis Child Costume, Large Size, One Color

3 Elvis Super Deluxe Grand Heritage Costume, White, X-Large

Elvis Super Deluxe Grand Heritage Costume, White, X-Large

4 Rubie's mens Elvis Now Deluxe Aloha Adult Sized Costumes, White, Large US

Rubie's mens Elvis Now Deluxe Aloha Adult Sized Costumes, White, Large US

5 Elvis Aloha From Hawaii Collector Jumpsuit Costume, XL

Elvis Aloha From Hawaii Collector Jumpsuit Costume, XL

6 Jumpsuit Elvis

Jumpsuit Elvis

7 Midsouth Products Elvis Presley Apron White Jumpsuit

Midsouth Products Elvis Presley Apron White Jumpsuit

8 Tabi's Characters Deluxe Girl Rocker Elvis Impersonator Jumpsuit- Theatrical Quality (Large, White)

Tabi's Characters Deluxe Girl Rocker Elvis Impersonator Jumpsuit- Theatrical Quality (Large, White)

9 Blow Mold Elvis Eagle Cape Jumpsuit Ornament

Blow Mold Elvis Eagle Cape Jumpsuit Ornament

10 Grand Heritage Elvis Costume - M

Grand Heritage Elvis Costume - M

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Best Elvis Jumpsuits Reviews In 2023

1. Elvis Super Deluxe Grand Heritage Costume

This iconic white jumpsuit is exquisitely bejewelled with gold, red and blue gems creating American eagle patterns on the front, back and sleeves. The lavishly embellished belt features gold star studs, pendants featuring gold eagles with American flags and gold chains from hip matching belt extender included. The costume zips from torso to waist, allowing easy on-and-off dressing, and includes side seam pockets with mesh detail. Perfect for any patriotic-themed costume parties, barbecues, parades and more.

This is a very high-quality jumpsuit made from 100% polyester. The material is soft and stretchy, the stitching is sturdy, the seams are straight, and there are no loose threads or holes anywhere on the costume.

2. Elvis Now Deluxe Aloha Elvis Costume

Elvis is known for his flashy style, and this Elvis costume puts the rock and roll icon front and center in all its splendour. Made from polyester, this jumpsuit features a stunning eagle design that brings out your inner rock star. The red scarf is just what you need to top off the look. The jumpsuit fits snugly, so order one size larger than normal. You can even wear the costume with a white or black T-shirt underneath if you want to add a little more of your flair to the outfit.

3. Elvis Woman’s Secret Wishes Sexy Jumpsuit Costume

This Women’s Elvis Costume includes a jumpsuit with a wide turn-up collar and scarf. The unique design of this jumpsuit will bring you sexy back. Perfect for any occasion, including a retro-themed party or masquerade ball or just lounging around the house in style. The costume is made of a polyester blend that is soft and comfortable to wear. It features an elastic waistband and adjustable straps for a snug fit.

4. Rubie’s Grand Heritage Elvis Costume – M

The perfect costume when you want to look great and be comfortable. This white jumpsuit has a zipper front and a high collar. Bell bottoms are red with metal studding and emblems, while the belt drapes chains of metal studding with an eagle emblem on the buckle. The jacket is made of brown leather with metal studding on the front and back. The collar has a silver emblem, while the sleeves are long and have a pointed cuff.

5. Aloha Elvis Adult Costume

The ultimate in fun, this adult Elvis costume will have you feeling like a million bucks and ready for a night on the town. The 100% polyester jumpsuit is designed to look just like Elvis’s famous Sun Studio suit, featuring printed red, gold and blue studs and faux gems with elasticized waist and arm openings. The white jumpsuit features a pull-on closure with a belt and scarf that help accentuate those hips, so everyone knows who you’re impersonating.

How to Choose the Right Elvis Jumpsuit for You

When choosing the right Elvis jumpsuit, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind. First and foremost, consider your style and any particular looks you’re going for when you’re out on the town or performing live. Are you looking for a classic Elvis look with a white rhinestone jumpsuit, or do you want something more modern? The great thing about Elvis jumpsuits is that there are a variety of styles to choose from, so you can find something that reflects your unique sense of fashion.

Also, consider the fabric when selecting an Elvis jumpsuit. While most Elvis jumpsuits are made from velvet or other soft materials, some come in heavier fabrics such as denim or leather. If you plan on wearing your jumpsuit to perform onstage, consider breathable fabrics like linen or spandex, which will help keep you cool while allowing plenty of movement.

Finally, think about the fit and cut of your Elvis jumpsuit. Most commonly, they come in full-length designs with long sleeves and wide legs but if this isn’t your style, look for mid-length variations with cropped legs and short sleeves. Also, pay attention to the tailoring of the garment – ensure that it’s neither too tight nor too baggy, as it can make a huge difference in achieving the perfect look!

Surprising Facts About Elvis’ Jumpsuits

A Significant Weight

The more basic outfits that Elvis wore in the early 1970s each weighed 25 pounds. In his later years, Elvis wore elaborately embroidered and jewelled costumes that may weigh up to 75 pounds each. This is equivalent to the weight of a youngster who is 11 years old on average. Imagine having to wear (and perform in!) clothing that was so heavy.

When questioned about Elvis’ most pricey jumpsuit, designer Bill Belew responded, “The American Eagle,” which, at the time, had a price tag of approximately $65,000. To build that identical suit with today’s materials would cost four times as much.” However, it was all worth it because Elvis wore this jumpsuit during the 1973 “Aloha from Hawaii” television program that was sent through satellite and was seen by nearly a billion people in 40 different countries. Following this, the “American Eagle” jumpsuit, also known as the “Aloha” jumpsuit, became one of the most well-known stage outfits associated with Elvis Presley.

David Sadleir, Ice Capades

To employ what is known for ice skaters as stretch gab, or gabardine,” is how Bill Belew came up with the idea for the band. He demonstrates that skaters can perform splits, turns, and anything else thanks to this feature. And I felt it would be perfect for Elvis because the one thing he said he wanted to include in his act was his karate. And I thought it would be great for Elvis because of that. And so I thought, “I have to come up with something that will provide him the opportunity to accomplish that.” (taken from the website.

Stage Wear Especially Favored Aesthetics Over Functionality

This brilliant gold suit, designed by Nudie Cohn, who had previously designed stage apparel for country music singer Hank Snow, was an ensemble sure to steal the show. Elvis only wore the gold pants for three gigs because the lamé material wasn’t sturdy enough for his energetic dance routines. Even though this suit proved physically striking and was fantastic for media coverage, Elvis only wore the gold pants for three shows. According to the website “,” when Elvis sang “Hound Dog,” he would typically get down on his knees, and when he did so, the gold thread would flake off.

The King Of Rock ‘n’ Roll And Rock ‘n’ Roll?

In addition to holding royal titles, both of them had high collars. The musician Bill Belew is quoted in the documentary Fit For A King as saying, “The collar originated from my love for Napoleon.” In addition, I believed that it would be an excellent appearance for Elvis. It would act as a frame around his face, and I wished that your attention would be drawn to his face when you were looking at him. This Napoleon-style collar was a part of Elvis’ stage clothing, which consisted primarily of jumpsuits and his wardrobe.


The iconic look of Elvis Jumpsuit has been admired and loved by music fans for decades. Whether you’re looking for a classic jumpsuit or something more modern, there are plenty of great options on the market. When choosing an Elvis Jumpsuit, consider your style and budget. With such a wide array of choices, you’re sure to find the perfect jumpsuit to suit your needs. So go ahead, channel your inner King and strut your stuff with one of these stylish Elvis Jumpsuits!

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