10 Deals Of Best Hand Winches In 2022

To help you find the best hand winches for your needs, we researched products from various manufacturers for their quality, ease of use, and additional features. For this feature, we’ve sourced hand winches on the market and included options to suit any budget. We’ve also included some high-quality designs that, while not advertised as hand winches, are exceptionally easy to use.

Plenty of hand winches is available to buy, but this is one bit of kit where we’d recommend spending as much as possible. Below you’ll find the best hand winches that suits all abilities and budgets, but first, here’s some advice on what to look out for in a product.

Top 10 Best   hand winches: Editor’s Choice

Top 10 Best hand winches Reviews for This Year

This guide offers an incredibly wide array of products, which makes a side-by-side comparison very difficult. Despite this, we looked at the main aspects that should be considered when selecting hand winches for yours and evaluated how these products are received by relevant age groups. Additionally, the pros and cons of each model were considered, as was their ability to meet analyzing criteria. Based on our expert recommendations, we have selected our top picks:

  • Quality
  • Price
  • Return Policy
  • Brand
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Convenience
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Easy to Use
  • Warranty
  • Durability
  • Customer Feedback
  • Types

1. OPENROAD 600lbs Hand Winch, Manual Winch Operated Two-Way Ratchet Boat Trailer Marine Winch Hand Crank Winch with 8m (26ft) Towing Winch(600lbs)

Features :

  • 【Performance】: This heavy-duty hand crank winch provides excellent load lifting and towing power with its 600lbs/272kg pulling capacity. The ATV winch is Ideal for loading/ dragging boats, lawn equipment or lifting heavy objects.
  • 【Durable And Sturdy】: Heavy duty steel construction, Hardened steel gears. Gear Ration 3.1 : 1, High carbon steel gears to resist wear and last longer, superior corrosion resistance, This winch is solidly constructed with high quality cable rope, Diameter of rope: 4.mm/0.15inch, The cable of the crank winch measures 8m / 26.2ft long
  • 【Two-way Ratchet】: This ATV boat winch strap with hook is thoughtfully equipped with hook with a safety pawl which allows forward and reverse ratcheting.
  • 【Comfortable Handle】: size :21cm/8.2in It is comfortable to hold, can ensure safety,shake the crank easily and reduce hand fatigue.
  • 【Body Size】- (L x W x H) 16x10x12cm / 6.3×3.9×4.7in,Installation base size (4.7*3.5in),small portable size that won’t Take Up Much Space When Use.

Additional Info :

Color 600lbs Cable Winch
Item Dimensions
Height 4.724409444
Width 3.93700787
Length 6.299212592
Weight 5.29

2. Capacity Heavy Duty Hand Winch, Hand Crank Strap Gear Winch with Steel Wire, Manual Operated Two-Way Ratchet ATV Boat Trailer Marine

Features :

  • 🛡️High-Quality Structure—–Heavy Duty Steel Construction, Hardened Steel Gears. Gear Ration 3.1 : 1, High Carbon Steel Gears To Resist Wear And Last Longer, Superior Corrosion Resistance, Mooring Hook Equipped With A Safety Pawl, This Winch Is Solidly Constructed With High Quality Steel Wire Rope
  • 🛡️Two-Way Ratchet—–Mooring Hook Equipped With A Safety Pawl. Allows Forward And Reverse Ratcheting. Can Be Used To Lift Heavy Objects, Drag Boats,Or Volleyball Net, Ideal For Trailering Or Loading Boats, Personal Watercraft, And Lawn Equipment.
  • 🛡️Size—–Body Size (L x W x H):5.9 x 3.1 x 4.5” , Small Portable Size That Won’t Take Up Much Space When Use Comfort Grip Handle—–Handle Length: 18.5cm/7.2”, Makes Cranking Easier, And A Comfort Grip Reduces Hand Fatigue.

Additional Info :

Color 800 lbs

3. BLACKHORSE-RACING 3500 lbs Hand Winch with 33FT Cable, Hardened Steel 2 Gear Manual Crank Winch for ATV RV Boat Trailer Truck Marine Winch Heavy Duty Hand Crank Winch with Hook

Features :

  • Length of Cable: 33 feet, 5/32″; Length of Hook: 3-3/8″; Hook Opening: 3/4″; Base Dimensions: 8″ x 4-3/4″
  • Gear Ratio: 5.1:1 and 12.2:1. Hardened steel dual gears, adapts for ratcheting or free spooling
  • Load Capacity: 3500 lbs. Designed to provide excellent load lifting facility, ideal use on pickup trucks, trailers and other mobile applications
  • High-Quality Structure: Heavy gauge zinc plated steel frame for long lasting durability and superior corrosion resistance
  • Comfort Grip Handle: Makes it easy to hold while cranking, a saver of time and strength

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 50
Width 100
Length 100
Weight 100

4. HighFree Hand Winch 600 lbs Heavy Duty Hand Crank Steel Cable Gear Winch 27 Feet Cable Towing Winches for ATV Boat Trailer (600LBS)

Features :

  • HEAVY DUTY WINCH – This winch is solidly constructed with heavy-duty steel, high quality steel wire rope and hardened steel gears. Can Support Up to 600 lbs.
  • PARAMETER – Gear Ration 3.1: 1, Body Size: 5.9 x 3.1 x 4.5” (L x W x H), Diameter of rope: 4.2mm/0.16inch, The cable of the crank winch measures 8m/27ft long, enough for Daily Use.
  • DESIGN – The Ratchet Along with A Sturdy Hook Able to Work in Both Directions, Flexible Design for Adjustment. Mooring Hook Equipped With a Safety Pawl, Designed to Provide Excellent Load Lifting Facility.
  • HIGH EFFICIENT – Extra long 18.5cm/7.2” handle makes cranking easier and a comfort grip reduces hand fatigue.
  • WIDELY USE – Can be used to lift heavy objects, drag boats, or volleyball net, Ideal for trailering or loading boats, personal watercraft, and lawn equipment.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 5.118110231
Width 5.118110231
Length 7.6771653465

5. ASelected 800lbs Capacity Heavy Duty Hand Winch, Crank Strap Gear Boat Winch with 26FT Steel Cable and Hook, Manual Lifting Winches for Boat Trailer ATV or Shop Crane, Small Hoist for Deer Feeder

Features :

  • 【CAPACITY UP TO 800 POUNDS】A+Selected Hand crank winch is designed to lift and pull heavy loads easily, and has a variety of mounting options, ideal for trailering or loading boats, lifting heavy implements and moving pickup truck
  • 【HEAVY DUTY HAND WINTH】Made of high quality heat treatment steel, hardened steel gears, sturdy mooring hook and 26FT steel wire rope, high hardness and long service life
  • 【TWO-WAY GEAR TOOL】The crank winch has as mechanical ratchet, which allow to forward and reversing, great puller and lifting for construction, home, farms and automotive use
  • 【COMFORT GRIP HANDLE】The handle has 7inch length and anti-slip design;Comfortable handle makes cranking easier and more productivity
  • 【PORTABLE WINCH FOR DAILY USE】Winch body size:4-1/2”x 3”x 7”(L x W x H), Weight:5lbs; Small hoist for daily use, easy to use and simple assembly

6. RUGCEL WINCH Winch Hand Control Assembly for Rated Pulling 1500lbs to 5000lbs 12V Electric Winch, Winch Hand-held Control Replacement (Yellow)

Features :

  • This replacement hand control is compatible with most rated capacity 1500lb/2000lb/3500lb/4000lb/5000lb 12V winch applications
  • Equipped with a durable wired handle and 8.2 ft long cable
  • Controller Function: Forward/Reverse
  • Switch Actuation Style: Push button
  • Designed to match rigorous quality standards. High temperature and melting resistant, longer lifetime. High quality at a budget-friendly price

Additional Info :

Color Yellow

7. EASYBERG 600 lbs Hand Winch Heavy Duty Steel Cable Crank Gear Winch ATV Boat Trailer with 8m Steel Wire, Manual Operated Ratchet ATV Boat Trailer Marine

Features :

  • 【Capacity】600 lbs pulling capacity, Designed to provide excellent load lifting facility, solution for a wide variety of applications.
  • 【Size】Body Size (L x W x H): 19 x 13 x 14cm(Approx), small portable size that won’t take up much space when use
  • 【Size of steel frame】Thickness of steel frame: 3.5mm;Diameter of steel frame: 4.8mm
  • 【Ratchet】Mooring hook with safety pawl. Allows ratcheting forward and backward. Can be used to lift heavy objects, tugboats or volleyball nets, ideal for trailers or loading boats, personal boats and lawn equipment.
  • 【High-quality structure】Heavy-duty steel structure, hardened steel gears. Gear ratio 3.1:1, high carbon steel gear, wear resistance, longer service life, strong corrosion resistance, mooring hook is equipped with safety pawls, the winch is made of high-quality steel wire rope, rope diameter: 4.2mm / 0.16inch, the cable length of crank winch is 8m/26.2ft

Additional Info :

Color silver

8. 8MILELAKE 600lbs Hand Winch Hand Crank Strap Gear Winch Polyester Strap ATV Boat Trailer Heavy Duty

Features :

  • Heavy duty steel construction. Hardened steel gears.
  • Polyester webbed blue strap
  • Capacity: 600 lbs.Length of Rope: 6m (approx. 20′) Width of Rope: 2″ Gear Ratio: 3 : 1
  • Mooring hook equipped with a safety pawl. Forward & reverse ratcheting, single-speed gear offers a simple to use one-way crank
  • Resistant to bad weather. Ideal use on pickup trucks, trailers and other mobile applications.

Additional Info :

Color blue
Item Dimensions
Height 5.511811018
Width 5.905511805
Length 7.480314953
Weight 4.40924524

9. OPENROAD 1600lbs Hand Winch Boat Winch Black Strap, Hand Crank Winch with 10m (32ft) Strap Manual Winches, Two-Way Adjustable Boat Trailer Winch, Corrosion Resistant Towing Winches (1600lbs)…

Features :

  • 【Performance】: This heavy-duty hand winch has a pulling force of 1600lbs/730kg, a carbon steel heat-treated shell, shaft and gear, and has excellent lifting and traction capabilities.
  • 【Sturdy and durable】: Professional galvanized treatment, resistance to bad weather, high-carbon steel hardened gear: 4.1:1, high-efficiency transmission ratio, corrosion resistance, longer service life, the winch is equipped with high-strength strap anti-skid and wear-resistant, strap size: 5cmx10m/(1.5inx32ft)
  • 【Two-way ratchet】: This hooked marine winch belt has been carefully designed and equipped with a hook with a safety pawl, which can ratchet forward and backward.
  • 【Comfortable handle】: 25cm / 9.8in ergonomics and comfortable grip, labor saving ratio 75% to reduce hand fatigue, to ensure safety, easy to shake the crank.
  • 【Body size】: (LxWxX) 7.4×4.3×5.9in, mounting base size (5.4×3.5in) standard mounting hole, small portable size, easy to install.

Additional Info :

Color 1600lbs Black Strap Winch
Item Dimensions
Height 5.905511805
Width 4.330708657
Length 7.480314953
Weight 3.25

10. Segomo Tools Heavy Duty 600 Pound Manual Two Way Ratchet 26.2 Ft Long Wire Winch Hand | Boat Winch | Hand Crank Winch | Handwinch | Small Hand Wench | Cable Winch | Small Hand Winch – HW600

Features :

  • [ Will Last For Years ] The high quality, heavy duty steel construction of each manuall winch features high carbon steel gears (3.1:1) for superior corrosion resistance and longer lasting life. This hand crank winch will not fail you even under though conditions.
  • [ Has Multiple Applications ] Our 2 way winch has 600 pound pulling capacity designed to provide excellent load lifting for a wide array of applications.
  • [ Hand Winch With Cable ] Our durable, high quality steel wire hand crank winch features a 26.2 foot long cable
  • [ Can Load And Unload ] Mooring hook is equipped with a safety pawl to allow two-way ratcheting (forward and reverse). Our cable winch is ideal for loading and dragging boats, lawn equipment, trailering and lifting heavy objects.
  • [ Comfortable To Use ] The convenient 7.2 inch long handle grip of our hand operated winch is designed for easier cranking and reduced fatigue.

Additional Info :

How to choose a hand winches?

To choose the perfect hand winches, you’ll want to:

  • Decide on which type you need: Do you want what type of product? Are you buying a product?
  • Measure the space: There’s nothing worse than falling in love with hand winches only to discover it won’t fit!
  • Think about aesthetics: Does colour matter to you? (This might not be the most important thing, but hey, you will hopefully be using this for a while and looking at it every day.)
  • Read reviews and talk with friends: Knowledge is power! Other hand winches users can be a helpful source of information about how well a mat holds up and whether there are any downsides, which you should know before purchasing.
  • Do some bargain shopping: Coupons and sales can help you save money, so you can spend it on something else you’d enjoy.

hand winches Buyer’s Guide

Many sources can provide information about products- buying guides, reviews, word-of-mouth recommendations, online forums, independent product reviews found throughout the internet, and even YouTube channels. Only thorough research can help you find the right hand winches. That’s right? Aren’t doing that sometimes difficult? In order to prevent you from worrying, we have put together a list of the top hand winches on the market for your benefit. The products are not selected at random. Several factors are taken into account when assembling the list. Like almost any product, before buying hand winches, you should ask yourself these few questions:

  • How reputable are hand winches in comparison to market competitors?
  • How durable and long-lasting are they?
  • Why is it worth buying hand winches instead of other products?
  • What are some key features and highlights of dinner jack?
  • Where can you buy hand winches?

Ranking of Sellers

Don’t you think that’s fascinating? Offering a good product is not enough; you also have to offer a popular, growing one. It is possible to achieve both goals. A growing user base indicates that the product is a success. Considering the rapid growth of the number of sales, the manufacturers should be able to increase their quality and service after the sale.


The consequences of buying an unreliable brand because it is cheap are serious. Unreliable products are more likely to occur when you buy a cheap brand. While well-known brands focus more on maintaining their reputations, other brands do not. Brands like hand winches stand out from the competition due to their unique characteristics. As a result, we hope that you will find something on our list that you will like.


Everyone has a budget and wants to make purchases that fit their respective budgets. To ensure you get the best deal, surf as many markets as possible to know about the difference in prices. This will help you get an overall idea of the status of the market. Fix your price range in accordance with your knowledge.

Customer Feedback

If you are a new user, try consulting with active users of hand winches. They will be able to give you practical knowledge they have gained through usage. Sometimes you can elicit information from people you cannot find in mainstream media – it can be good or bad information about the product. User reviews often become very pivotal in making people decide which brand of hand winches they ought to buy. They might end up having the final say in the purchase decision.

Return policy

All customers know how difficult it is to make the best purchasing decision. They review, talk to friends and family, and compare prices – but they never stop to think about return policies.

What if you take the best product and decide it’s not right? The best hand winches return policy is one solution to the problem. Therefore, before buying the best product, we should ask ourselves what the return policy of that best hand winches is? Is it good or not, and then make a purchase decision?

Service and support

This is also one of the questions you should ask yourself before buying a hand winches. When buying this product, having any problems, or having questions about the product, the above service will be the best choice. The product will be the one with the best customer service and support. And this is also one of the factors determining if we should come back to buy the best product from this manufacturer next time.

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