Best Spring Loaded Center Punches For Hardened Steel

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Spring has sprung and it’s time to start those DIY projects. Whether you’re hanging art, assembling furniture, or just making minor repairs around the house, having a good center punch is essential. A center punch is used to mark the center of a hole or indentation in metal or other materials. Spring loaded center punches make it easy to make precise marks with minimal effort and are available in a variety of sizes for different applications.

In this guide, we’ll provide an overview of the best spring loaded center punches on the market and how to choose the right one for your project.

Top 10 Pick

# Preview Product
1 Fowler 52-500-290-0, Super Heavy Duty Automatic Center Punch

Fowler 52-500-290-0, Super Heavy Duty Automatic Center Punch

2 General Tools Pocket Automatic Center Punch #87

General Tools Pocket Automatic Center Punch #87

3 Starrett Steel Automatic Center Punch with Adjustable Stroke - 5-1/4' (130mm) Length, 11/16' (17mm) Punch Diameter, Lightweight, Knurled Steel Handle - 18C

Starrett Steel Automatic Center Punch with Adjustable Stroke - 5-1/4" (130mm) Length, 11/16" (17mm)...

4 General Tools Heavy-Duty Automatic Center Punch #78 - Nail Punch Tool to Mark and Scribe - Machinist Tools

General Tools Heavy-Duty Automatic Center Punch #78 - Nail Punch Tool to Mark and Scribe - Machinist...

5 MulWark 5' Spring-Loaded Automatic Steel Center Hole Punch Marker Scriber For Wood, Metal, Plastic, Car Window Puncher Breaker Tool-With Palm Cushion Cap, Adjustable Impact-A Replacement Tip Included

MulWark 5" Spring-Loaded Automatic Steel Center Hole Punch Marker Scriber For Wood, Metal, Plastic,...

6 Tlimus 2 Pack Heavy Duty Automatic Center Punch with Hardened Steel – 6 Inch and 5 Inch Spring Loaded Center Punch Adjustable Tension Punch, Hand Tool for Metal Wood Glass Plastic

Tlimus 2 Pack Heavy Duty Automatic Center Punch with Hardened Steel – 6 Inch and 5 Inch Spring...

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Best Spring Loaded Center Punches Reviews -2023

1. NEIKO 02638A 5-Inch Automatic Center Punch for Metal

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Mark drill holes in any material with the help of the NEIKO Automatic Center Punch. You can always get the ideal hole size because the stroke is variable. Since the punch’s tip is made of hardened steel, it will last longer and look good doing it. This center punch is a versatile addition to any toolkit, as it can be used to create holes in a wide variety of materials, including wood, plastic, metal, glass, and leather. For a firm grasp, the plastic handle is both ergonomic and long-lasting. The magnetic end of the tool makes it simple to put away and stays put on a flat surface, such as a table or workbench.

Chrome-plated Neiko 5-inch automatic center punches are resistant to rust and can take a beating before they break. Its nonslip surface and precision-centered tip make it ideal for precise work. The spring-loaded design of the center metal punch allows for greater precision when punching through thin materials like paper, plastic, and more.

2. HILBERTBROOK Automatic Center Punch 5 Inch Spring Loaded

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The spring-loaded mechanism and variable force of the HILBERTBROOK Auto Center Punch make this tool a breeze to operate. It’s perfect for marking the centers of holes in virtually any material thanks to its self-centering design, integrated parts tray, and sturdy construction. This user-friendly automatic center punch allows for size customization; no more hammering! Spend less time and money.

Woodworkers, blacksmiths, and anyone else who needs to hammer a precise spot in tough materials like steel and marble will find this automatic center punch an indispensable tool. It’s fast and precise when used properly, and the user doesn’t have to do anything to keep it going. The indentation can be made as deep as you like by pressing down on the lever and holding it there for an extended period of time. This Automatic Center Punch is made to be turned on and used with minimal effort and last for an extended period of time. Made of high-quality steel, with an anti-slip knurled surface and a reinforced head, it is ideal for centering projects and will save you time.

3. Starrett Steel Center Punch with Round Shank

Starrett Steel Center Punch with Round Shank and Knurled Finger Grip - Hardened and Tempered Steel, 100mm Length, 3mm Diameter Tapered Point - 117C

  • Perfect Tool Every Time - Center Punches are essential for any DIY project; They allow you to make an indentation in an object so that you can drill a hole without slipping and ruining your project
  • Easy to Use - Simply place the punch over the mark on your workpiece and strike with a hammer; This tool can be used for many different applications including marking drill holes, scribing lines, aligning parts and more
  • Convenient - Made of hardened and tempered steel, this punch is built to withstand wear and tear; The knurled round shank provides a grip for better control
  • Precise Design - The points are ground at the proper angle to give maximum service, and the tips are accurately centered. 4-inch Length, 1/8-inch Point Diameter
  • Keep Control - The knurled grip on the round shank provides a sturdy grip and greater control when using striking tools; As an added precaution, always wear safety goggles to protect your eyes

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Do not be fooled by the Starrett 4-Inch’s (which costs around $9) unassuming appearance into believing that it serves no purpose. It is finished with a knurled round shank after being crafted from extremely hardened and tempered steel. This provides you with functionality that you can rely on over the course of a long period of time.

Manufactured from high grade steel, this center punch is sure to last. It is made by Starrett in the USA and has a round shank for more strength. This versatile tool can be used as a chisel, riveting, or drill bit. The head is made of hardened steel and features a sharply pointed tip that leaves clean holes.

The Starrett Steel Center Punch with Round Shank is a high-quality, time-tested tool. Made in the United States, it is made of high carbon steel and has a non-marring nose, so it won’t damage your metals when driven into them. The solid steel handle provides excellent balance and feel to this otherwise simple design.

4. General Tools Automatic Center Punch


General Tools Automatic Center Punch #89 with Adjustable Stroke, Stainless Steel

  • MARKS HOLE LOCATIONS: Accurate center punch prevents drill bit from traveling, starts drill, nail or screw holes.
  • DRILL PUNCH TOOL: This Automatic Center Hole Punch is the perfect centering punch device to help start screw and drilling holes. Align the tip of this metal hole punch on a variety of hard surfaces to create center holes for fasteners.
  • COMPACT SIZE: This automatic one-hand punch is small enough to fit in any toolbox or pocket. Carry it with you from job to job for a convenient and easy starter drill bit. You can also use this as a spring-loaded glass breaker for emergencies.
  • STAINLESS STEEL BODY: Stainless steel rounded shank body has knurled finger grip.
  • ONE-HANDED SPRING IMPACT: Automatic center punch has one-handed impact operation, no hammer needed.

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The parts and labor on this Automatic Center Punch from General Tools are covered under a warranty for a period of ninety days. Because it can be operated with just one hand and has a spring tension that can be adjusted to suit your preferences, it is an excellent choice for applications that require consistent use. Because of its durable body made of stainless steel, you can use it without worry, knowing that it will last for a long time.

If you need to punch holes in your workpiece or strike a center point, the General Tools Automatic Center Punch is an excellent choice. Professionals have tried out this center punch, and it has stood up to light, medium, and heavy blows with flying colors. The Automatic Center Punch is built to last with a hardened steel point and a rust-resistant body.

5. SANDOR Super Strong Automatic Center Punch

Super Strong Automatic Center Punch - 6 inch Black Steel Spring Loaded Center Hole Punch with Adjustable Tension, Hand Tool for Metal or Wood with Zippered Hard Shell Carry Case - Pack of 2

  • ADJUSTABLE TENSION. EASY TO USE: Because the Forge Industrial brass center punch has an adjustable tension screw you will be able to get it just right so you can use with a simple one hand operation. No more hammering!
  • TRUSTED BRAND. WE STAND BY OUR PRODUCTS: When others talk quality, we deliver it. That's why we always offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. At SANDOR Tool we only use the highest quality materials in our products, and we go the extra mile to stand by our tools. Your satisfaction is our priority. It's that simple!
  • EXTREME STRENGTH. MORE DURABLE THAN OTHERS: Our automatic center punch is made of a well machined brass body and has a deeply knurled surface which means that it will not slip and offer more precise handling and control. Each metal hardened and chrome plated tip lasts for hundreds of strikes so you can get the job done!
  • SAFETY TOOL. USE AS AN EMERGENCY CAR WINDOW ESCAPE: If you have been looking for an car emergency escape tool, then your search is over! Thats because our automatic center punch is not only for wood and metal but able to shatter glass car windows which means that you can leave one in your car and always be prepared. Just use in the corner of a window and it will either shatter and fall out, or easily be pushed out and escape
  • MORE POWER. AMAZING TOOL THAT MAKES IT EASIER TO DRILL: Picture having an automatic hand punch tool with a spring loaded mechanism that actually works and makes a solid mark in wood, metal, steel, aluminum, brass, copper and more. This Forge Industrial Brass Center Punch gives your drill a start point and makes it easier for you so it doesn’t slip in tight spots. Don't let your drill walk again!

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The most popular, in terms of sales, The Center Punch has a well-machined brass body with a deeply knurled surface, making it non-slip and providing enhanced control. The split machine v-shaped dimples created by the precision-ground point make starting nails and screws a breeze. The center punch comes with a convenient pocket clip for on-the-go use.

In the event of a car crash, would you benefit from having an escape tool that can break car windows? To answer your question, yes, our automatic center punches are capable of doing that. It’s not only useful for starting holes precisely with a drill bit, but it also works great for punching them. If you’re having trouble getting your drill to stay put in confined spaces, this Forge Industrial Brass Center Punch can help.

Buying Guide for Spring-loaded Center Punch

A spring loaded center punch is an essential tool for any DIYer’s workshop. It is used to make precise markings on a variety of materials, such as metal, wood, plastic and rubber. This tool can be used for setting nails or drilling holes in materials as well as marking out areas for drilling or cutting.

When buying a spring-loaded center punch, you should consider the size and shape of the tip required for your project. Most punches come with either round or pointed tips; round tips are ideal for making indentations in softer materials while pointed tips are better suited to harder materials like metal. The size of the tip will also depend upon the application – small tip sizes are best suited for making light indentations while larger sizes are more suited to deeper markings. It is also important to consider the material used in the construction of the punch; hardened steel punches are generally more durable than aluminum ones and will last longer under heavy usage.

Another important factor when selecting a center punch is its spring tension strength; this determines how much pressure is required to depress the tool’s plunger and create an indentation in your material. Higher tension springs require greater force to compress them which makes them less suitable for delicate work but they can be useful when punching through thicker materials or multiple layers of material at once. Lower tension springs require less force and are better suited to marking softer surfaces like wood or plastic; they may also be easier on your hands if you have arthritis or other joint pain issues.

Finally, it’s important to look at the overall design of the tool and choose one that has a comfortable grip and is easy to use with one hand. Look for ergonomic designs that reduce strain on your wrist and arm during use, as well as features such as adjustable depth settings that allow you to customize each punch according to your needs. By taking all these factors into consideration when choosing a center punch, you’ll ensure that you get exactly what you need for all your DIY projects!

Uses of Center Punch

A spring-loaded center punch is a great tool for creating a small, precise hole in metal. It’s among the most commonly used tools for marking drill and tapping locations on metal or other hard surfaces. The spring-loaded mechanism helps ensure accuracy and consistency when punching holes into materials.

The punch requires an even force to operate correctly. This ensures that you get consistent results each time you use it. The tip of the punch is hardened steel, so it can handle the pressure of punching through even thick sheet metal without breaking or becoming dull over time.

When using a spring-loaded center punch, it’s important to take care not to press too hard and damage the material. Press firmly but steadily, allowing the punch to do its job without putting too much strain on yourself or your material. You should also make sure that you’ve marked the exact spot where you want to create your hole before inserting the punch into the material.

It’s also important to remember that spring-loaded center punches are designed for one-time use only and should not be reused. Before beginning any project with a spring-loaded center punch, make sure you have enough punches available; otherwise, you may end up damaging your material or having an uneven set of holes in your final product.


The spring loaded center punch is an invaluable tool for any handyman, crafter, or hobbyist. It is versatile and can be used for a variety of tasks such as marking holes in metal, securing screws, and starting drill bits. Finding the best spring loaded center punch for your needs can be tricky, but by utilizing our buying guide, you can make sure to select the right one for your project. With its ease of use and wide range of applications, the spring loaded center punch is a reliable and essential tool for any job!

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