The Best Cat Scratching Deterrent Spray in 2023

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As cat lovers, we know how important it is to give our feline friends the things they need most. And your cat will scratch even though you don’t like it. If they are not using a scratching post and instead going after the couch or other furniture in your home, find an effective solution right here by reading our guide on choosing and applying cat scratcher deterrent spray.

Your cat needs a place to scratch, but if you don’t want them scratching on furniture in your home, you will need cat scratcher deterrent spray. The best way to help your cat learn this is by applying the spray directly onto furniture that they like to scratch. Be sure not to use it on other surfaces or fabrics.

Our Top 6 Picks: Best Cat Scratching Deterrent Spray

RankProduct SourceMore Options
1.SmartyKat Scratch Not Cat SprayBuy on Walmart
2.SEGMINISMART Cat Scratch DeterrentBuy on Ebay
3.Comfort Zone Spray & Scratch Control Calming Spray for Cats
Buy on Chewy
4.Petlinks Scratch Stop Deterrent SprayBuy on Petco
5.PetSafe SSSCAT Motion-Activated Dog & Cat SprayBuy on Chewy
6.FELIWAY Classic Spray for CatsBuy on Feliway

Best Cat Scratching Deterrent Spray Reviews in 2023

1. SmartyKat Scratch Not Cat Spray

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SmartyKat Scratch Not Cat Spray is relatively pricey than other sprays we researched. But the bottle is large, holding 13.5 ounces, much more than we’ve seen in other sprays. In addition to being safe for your pets, it won’t damage your furniture either. We tested it on multiple cats, and many responded positively to it.

Just spray it on the surfaces your cat regularly scratches. It has a lemony aroma that your cat is likely to find repulsive. You’ll need to keep spraying it on to maintain its effectiveness, but the cost is worth it to have a home free of claw marks.

This cat repellent works on a variety of surfaces. Water makes up the bulk of the product, posing little danger. Many customers have found it useful on leather, paint, wood finishes, and vinyl. To be safe, however, it’s best to test it out in a hidden area first.

The scent of lemon isn’t overpowering or unpleasant to humans, but it is enough to deter most cats. The answer to this question, of course, is “it depends” on whether or not your particular cat enjoys citrus flavours.

2. PetSafe SSSCAT Motion-Activated Dog & Cat Spray

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When looking for the best method to keep your cat in line and away from bad habits, we recommend the PetSafe SSSCAT No Scratch Cat. It’s a great way to create a pet-free zone in your home while teaching your cat some boundaries. The formula is perfect for aggressive felines, and its effects can be felt up to 10 feet away.

With the natural citronella in this scratch-free formula, you can rest assured that your cat will avoid off-limits areas. It’s safe for even the most allergy-prone cats because the ingredients are completely harmless. Another benefit is the motion detector that activates the spray when your cat gets within three feet of the off-limits area. This effectively removes your cat from the area.

The product has no unpleasant smell, so it’s safe for cats with sensitive noses and won’t bother pet owners. Save time and money by not making as many trips to the store because each bottle contains enough spray for 80–100 bursts. The formula is safe for carpets, rugs, clothing, upholstery, and other textiles with delicate dyes.

In addition, the spray can be directed in any direction and set up quickly and easily. In your absence, the citronella lock unit will prevent any accidental spraying. The product’s low weight makes it convenient to transport when going on hikes or other excursions.

3. Comfort Zone Spray & Scratch Control Calming Spray for Cats

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We found that most of the no-scratch sprays we tried weren’t effective on all cats. Some animals might respond well to them, while others might not. On the other hand, Comfort Zone is so confident in their Spray and Scratch Control Spray that they provide a money-back guarantee, which we didn’t notice on several of the other brands we tried. We didn’t ask for a refund because the product worked as advertised and stopped each cat from scratching.

In a variety of contexts, this spray is useful. It works wonderfully on walls, edging, furniture, and other surfaces cats like to scratch. You can spray the area where your cat scratches to discourage further scratching. It won’t leave a stain or residue, making it suitable for wood, upholstery, and other porous surfaces. Also, if you have a cat that gets nervous easily, this spray can help them relax enough to travel in the car or visit the vet. It would have been nice if the bottle contained more than two ounces.

4. Petlinks Scratch Stop Deterrent Spray

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Scratch Stop Spray by Petlinks also merits a mention due to its heavenly aroma. Cats hate the aroma, but I find it refreshing; it combines essential oils like eucalyptus and lemongrass. The aroma it produces in my house is very soothing.

This cat scratcher deterrent spray is made from all-natural ingredients and is chemical-free. Both humans and felines can use this method without risk. If you have multiple pets, including a dog, you should skip this spray because it is not designed for use with canine species.

Test a small area if you spray the fabric, painted surfaces, or wood. This product does a decent job of not staining, but it’s still best to be safe than sorry. The need to test several surfaces before spraying is a major drawback. However, it effectively prevents cats from scratching, making it a worthwhile investment.

5. SEGMINISMART Cat Scratch Deterrent Spray

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Your cat will hate the fragrance of this spray, which has been described as having a “circus smell,” but it will appeal to human noses. It is also an incredible product for houses with more than one pet. I put this spray through its paces on both our cats and the dogs, and the results were impressive: the cats stopped scratching the carpet, and the dogs quit chewing on shoes. When applying this spray, you can kill two birds with one stone.

The fact that you have to spray it regularly is the product’s only drawback. To get the desired results, you have to spray the product four times a day, seven days a week. It takes a lot of effort and time to get into the habit of walking around the house several times a day. Even though the results are fantastic, doing so can be challenging.

The fact that this spray is both safe and natural is another thing that I really appreciate about it. I am certain it will not harm my family, my animals, or my furniture in any way!

6. FELIWAY Classic Spray for Cats

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The FELIWAY Spray is the most efficient spray I have ever tested, and its efficacy has been demonstrated in clinical studies. In fact, 90 percent of cats in one research showed improvement.

This spray utilizes pheromone technology to help soothe and relax your cat, reducing scratching. This spray will do wonders if your cat is acting anxious. The deterrent’s relaxing effect may also help to prevent spraying and other undesirable habits in your animal pet.

The fact that the remedy is 100% natural gives me peace of mind that I am not spraying my cat or children with anything harmful to them. This makes cats feel calm, but to a human nose, it smells like nothing at all.

The exorbitant cost of this item prevents it from being ranked higher. Other pheromone sprays are available for less money. Therefore, I find the pricing excessive. With only 60 mL per bottle, enough for about 50 applications, this product will run out soon if you have more than one cat in your home.

How To Choose The  Best Cat Scratching Deterrent Spray Before Purchasing

Simply put, a cat scratch deterrent is a device that aids in keeping your cat from clawing a specific surface. Cat scratch deterrents function in a variety of ways, including the following:

Reduce the allure of scratching

Because cats are drawn to rough surfaces, sisal and carpet-covered scratching posts are very effective. Sadly, upholstered furniture also appeals to people. Making the surface less enticing to your cat is one of the easiest ways to stop scratching.

Using a sticky scratch deterrent is one way to achieve that. These deterrents adhere straight to furniture without causing harm and work similarly to double-sided tape. They can be cut to the perfect shape and size from a variety of sizes. Additionally, they are usually transparent, so they don’t stick out like a sore thumb.

Utilizing smell is another strategy to discourage cats from using the scratching surfaces. Due to their keen noses, cats are attracted to certain scents. If your cat finds the surface uncomfortable, you may try spraying it with something unpleasant to deter clawing.

They Construct A Physical Barrier

Create a physical barrier to stop your cat’s claws from doing any damage if making the surface less appealing for scratching doesn’t work.

Attaching physical cat scratch deterrents to a piece of furniture or another surface is possible. However, you may also purchase items that match the color and feel of upholstered furniture. They are frequently constructed from claw-proof plastic.

Remember that physical obstructions merely provide protection and could not stop your cat from scratching. You might need to occasionally replace the item if your cat scratches the surface due to wear and tear.

Assist in Reducing anxiety-related symptoms

Although scratching is a fully normal behavior for all cats, stressed or anxious cats may do it more frequently. Your cat may scratch less unintentionally if you provide a serene, stress-free atmosphere.

A pheromone spray is one of cats’ best tools for calming stress and anxiety. Animals employ pheromones as simple chemical signals for communication. Your cat’s smell glands release these chemicals to mark his territory. Mother cats also use them to calm their young. The use of products that release cat pheromones can relax your cat.

A plug-in pheromone diffuser might be smart if your cat struggles with persistent nervousness. If your cat scratches at things to show how uncomfortable he is, a pheromone-based deterrent spray could help.

Cat approaches

Physical or chemical deterrents might not always be effective against cats because they are intelligent animals. Fortunately, cats also tend to startle easily; if you can take advantage of this characteristic, you may be able to teach your cat to stay away from the objects he likes to scratch.

The two most common ways (or both) that cat scratch deterrents use to scare your cat away from the scratching site are sound and sensation. These cat scratch deterrents are typically motion-activated, so when your cat activates the sensor, they make an alarming noise or lets out a puff of air.

If used frequently, these deterrents may eventually cause your cat to associate the scratching surface negatively. Once your cat begins to avoid the area on his own, you might be able to stop using the device itself gradually.


As you have seen, there are a lot of great options for cat scratching deterrent sprays available today, each with its own unique advantages. It’s important to figure out which will suit your needs and budget the best before making a final decision. To get the most out of your chosen option, use it consistently and correctly to obtain the best results. Hopefully, this article has helped you find the right product for your situation.

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