Commissioners of the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology

About the Commission

The 19-member board of commissioners guides and approves the work of the voluntary work groups and staff as they develop certification criteria, inspection processes and policy for the CCHIT Certified program. The board of commissioners represents health care providers, academia, the private sector, nonprofit organizations and government agencies, and includes no more than three representatives from the health IT vendor stakeholder group. Commissioners are selected based on their recognized expertise and experience in healthcare information technology. The roles of the commissioners are to represent all stakeholders, provide strategic direction, ensure objectivity and credibility, provide guidance to and review the reports of the work groups, and approve the final certification criteria and processes. The Commissioners serve staggered two-year terms. Applications open periodically and nominations are approved by the trustees.

Certification Commission Chair

Karen M. Bell, MD, MMS


  • Abha Agrawal, MD, VP, Medical Affairs / Chief Operating Officer Norwegian American Hospital
  • Rebecca Armato, Executive Director, Physician and Interoperability Services, Huntington Memorial Hospital
  • William Corbett, MD, Vice President, UMMMG
  • Tim Elwell, VP, Open Source Solutions – Healthcare, Misys, PLC
  • Charles Jaffe, MD, PhD, CEO, HL7
  • David Krusch, MD, Chief Medical Information Officer, University of Rochester Medical Center
  • Lew Sandy, MD, Senior Vice President, Clinical Advancement, UnitedHealth Group
  • Jay Srini, Chief Strategist, SCS Ventures
  • Grace Terrell, MD, General Internist, Cornerstone Internal Medicine
  • Gregory Zeller, DDS, MS, Associate Professor and Director, University of Maryland Dental School Perryville, University of Maryland Dental School and the Department of Veterans Affairs

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Work in Progress

CCHIT's independent development process for its programs is consensus- based and transparent. From time to time CCHIT publishes development work for public comment. Look for new announcements here. 

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