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Crossbows have had quite a time in the sun. For years, a crossbow was an alternative weapon for hunters who couldn’t pass a hunter education course, didn’t want to, or even couldn’t hunt with a bow at all. And while that is still the case today to some extent, mostly with compound hunting crossbows (recurve crossbows are legal in all 50 states), the idea of shooting a crossbow has finally started going mainstream. There are a few reasons for this. One is that crossbows are cheaper to buy than a compound bows, and another is that they’re easier to learn how to shoot. But probably the biggest reason is that they’re just plain fun.

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Best Crossbow Over 400 Fps Reviews In 2023

1. CenterPoint Wrath 430 Crossbow Package

Get big power in a small design with the CenterPoint Wrath 430 Crossbow. With speeds up to 430 FPS, it delivers a bone-busting 164 ft/lbs of energy on impact and is only 9″ wide when cocked. With a precision CNC-machined aluminum rail and cam system, this compact bullpup crossbow offers deadly accuracy in tight hunting quarters. The 3-stage locking stirrup doubles as a stable bipod for easy shot placement.

Pass-through foregrip and folding stock mean excellent maneuverability over uneven ground. Anti-dry fire, auto safety features, and ball bearing retention spring keep you safe shot after shot. The attractive camouflage design makes this lightweight crossbow an excellent choice for any hunter looking for serious performance from an easy-to-handle weapon system at an affordable price.

2. Wicked Ridge Invader 400 Crossbow Package with ACUdraw

The fastest version of Wicked Ridge’s best-selling Invader yet, the Wicked Ridge by TenPoint Invader 400 Crossbow RTH Package with ACUdraw delivers great speed and performance at a great price. This ultralight crossbow launches arrows at a game up to 400 fps with 140 ft. lbs. of hard-hitting kinetic energy. Just 15″ wide from axle-to-axle when cocked and 35-1/2″ long, this Invader gives hunters big speed from a crossbow that’s easy to maneuver.

Fully integrated into the stock, the ACUdraw self-retracting rope cocking system makes it easy to handle the Invader 400’s 185 lbs. of draw weight. Built on a lightweight, semi-skeletal stock, this lightweight crossbow offers a fully integrated pass-thru foregrip with safety wings for safety, a pistol grip, and an integrated Picatinny rail below the front of the barrel for easy accessory mounting.

3. Killer Instinct Ripper 425 Crossbow Package

If you’re a crossbow hunter with a need for speed, look no further than the Ripper 425 Crossbow Package. Powered by Extreme Reach Technology (ERT) cams, this powerful hunting machine launches arrows toward the game at speeds up to 425 fps with 156 ft. lbs. of big-game-dropping energy. Matching power with precision, its rugged, enhanced aluminum flight rail, and crisp 3.5-lb. KillerTech™ Trigger helps it deliver extreme accuracy (sub-1″ groups at 80 yards). A 5-position, push button adjustable stock and adjustable forearm grip ensure a comfortable fit and welcome control when you shoulder this speedy machine. Featuring molded rubber stock inserts, the Dead Silent Kit reduces noise and vibration for improved shot opportunities in close quarters or against the war games. Compatible with the compact and quiet DSC crank cocking system (not included).

How To Choose The Best Crossbow Over 400 Fps Before Purchasing

Crossbows come in a variety of varieties and can be purchased now. Your decision-making process will be aided by knowledge of the many sorts.

Bows that are Recurve

The recurve bow must be the earliest predecessor of the contemporary crossbow. The delicate curves at the ends that point away from the user are what give this shape its name. This indicates that the recurve bow also secures the user’s safety in addition to holding the string in place.

Recurve crossbows have a longer draw length than other crossbow varieties, which allows for more acceleration but has the disadvantage of making more noise while under strain. It’s a great option for hunting adventures that call for more force and quickness, especially when you wish to hunt small or large games. They can be quite large and cumbersome to have in the wilderness, which is a drawback. The strings also have a limited lifespan and may require replacement on a regular basis.

Constructive Crossbows

In terms of setup and design, a compound crossbow is more complicated than a recurve. Interestingly, despite having shorter but very strong limbs, it is easier to use. Due to the use of strong synthetic materials, compound crossbows are renowned for their high energy and durability. These crossbows are also incredibly affordable, which further contributes to its reputation as the greatest crossbow for the money.

Two limbs, a string, and a pulley system make up the operating mechanism. Once you pull the rope back, the pulleys revolve and the wires bend the limbs. The design makes it simpler to pull in order to make a quick shot, making it a very popular option for hunters. Additionally, it can fit in a small location and is silent. The fact that these bows might be heavier and require sophisticated maintenance is a significant drawback.

Continual Crossbows

The repeating bow is something you should think about if you need ease of use. A shoot is performed with just one motion. A repeating crossbow is a great option when speed is required because it is said to shoot 3X faster than a regular crossbow. Therefore, it’s an easy shortcut for any novice who wants to fire as effectively as an experienced archer. However, archers contend that there is no enjoyment in hunting with these since the technology is largely mechanical and consumes almost everything.

Guns and Crossbows

This hybrid, which combines the best aspects of riffles and standard crossbows, is the ultimate hunting tool. The primary asset, much like a riffle, is precision. The rifle crossbow combines a number of technologies, including powerful fiber construction, eye-catching sights, and a foot pull. These work best at a distance of more than 250 feet and can deliver pinpoint accuracy.

They may only be 6 inches wide, making them narrower than similar products on the market. This entails that you can use them in confined spaces and that they enable you to enter the heavily forested forest, giving you a better view of your potential prey. Not to mention the rail layout, which is effective enough to launch bolts at incredible velocities with zero friction. This amazing crossbow’s drawback is how difficult it is to use.

You might be referring to tactical crossbows, which are now utilized for a variety of tactical tasks in addition to hunting, target practice, and combat. Whatever your goal, keep in mind that picking the best tactical crossbow makes a significant difference. This category includes several of the above-mentioned crossbow varieties. Choose the option that best satisfies your needs.


Every crossbow has a bow and stock that come together to create the weapon. The method by which the bow is attached to the stock is where the fundamental distinctions between the various crossbow variants lie.

Reverse draw, recurve, and compound crossbow designs fall into one of three categories based on configuration. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Knowing what you require from a bow can help you choose the best design for your requirements. This is why picking the best crossbow for hunting is such a challenge. But don’t worry, you have our thorough buyer’s guide.

Pull Weight

The number of pounds needed to draw the crossbow’s string back to the cocked position is referred to as the draw weight. The heavier the load, the more noticeable your shooting faults will be. The wear and tear on the bow is also increased with a larger draw weight.

Draw weights for crossbows range from 90 to 260 pounds. People respond best to varying draw weights. The amount of weight you can easily drawback is the most important factor.

Several tools are available to make cocking the crossbow easier. To help you draw the bow back without straining, they have a crank cocking aid attached to or integrated into the stock. The more well-liked alternative is a cocking rope.

These add-ons may be purchased individually or they may be included with the device. These add-ons will enable you to continue using the crossbow even if the draw weight is greater than your capacity without exerting yourself as much as previously. The draw weight is often reduced by roughly 50%.

Energy Stroke

It more frequently refers to the draw length of the crossbow. The distance between the string’s greatest rearward pulled-back and cocked position and its uncocked resting position is referred to as the power stroke.

Hunting crossbows almost never have a power stroke shorter than 11 inches. Additionally, the minimum power stroke that is permitted in some locations is regulated, so you should be aware of this aspect and make sure you are operating within the law.

The power stroke of a crossbow determines its speed. Particularly in recurve crossbows, a larger power stroke gives for more time to accelerate the bolt.

Let’s say you’re thinking about purchasing a compound crossbow. In that instance, the length of the power stroke might not be a crucial factor to take into account because crossbows have sophisticated cam systems that don’t necessarily require a longer power stroke to improve the speed of the weapon.


The majority of crossbows typically fire their arrows at an average speed of 265 to 380 feet per second (fps). Most shooting jobs can be completed at 300 frames per second. However, 380 frames per second is considerably preferable because it will cover a greater distance more quickly. With speeds of over 400 fps, some of the crossbows on this list are quite astonishing, with the TenPoint Vapor RS470 Crossbow reaching astounding 475 fps.

Most crossbow manufacturers increase the crossbow’s power stroke, add cams, and connect a heavier limb in order to increase speed.

The crossbow is effective at shooting targets because of its very high speed. However, it increases the frequency of recoils, makes the machine noisier, and is more difficult to cock. The accuracy of the crossbow’s shot is impacted by excessive recoil.

Bow Size and Weight

A heavy bow will be restrictive, particularly for people who are not well built. Weight is a crucial factor to take into account when choosing the best crossbow for hunting because you may have to carry the weapon over long distances and become fatigued.

A larger crossbow doesn’t always imply better performance. Depending on your goals, you should choose a crossbow of a particular size. More power and speed will be delivered by a longer crossbow with a larger limb. It would be more difficult to maneuver, particularly in thickets or dense forests. It would be more difficult to target because of the longer length.

In the end, the size of a bow will rely on your individual requirements. However, you should educate yourself with and take into account the fact that some jurisdictions have laws governing the minimum permitted limb width and bow length.

Levels of Noise and Vibration

Noise level is an important factor to take into mind if you hunt. Compared to conventional bows, crossbows typically make more noise. The unit vibrates when it fires, producing noise. Your target might be startled, which would make your shot unreliable.

A nice option is a crossbow that operates quietly and with little vibration. The majority of manufacturers accomplish this by including devices for vibration dampening, string suppressors, string stopping, and noise dampening.

Safety Options

One aspect of archery that you should not compromise on is your safety. An anti-dry fire system, sometimes referred to as an anti-dry fire inhibitor that inhibits dry firing, is one of the safety elements that the best crossbow needs. A safety system that automatically engages is another feature.

Additionally, a pass-through fore-grip that holds the fingers in position and lets you concentrate on shooting is another crossbow safety element to take into account. Features for trigger safety are also essential. When you turn the device on, they stop it from shooting. Without it, you risk injuring someone or yourself by accidentally shooting them.


We hope that this article helped you find the best crossbow for your needs. Of course, the final choice is yours. Do not hesitate to take some time to look at other manufacturers and models as well to see if they could fit your preferences better than this list. Again, we encourage people to be safe while shooting and hunting in a legal manner. Thank you for reading.

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