Best D Handle Shovel -Verified List

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Are you looking for the best d handle shovel from trusted brands on the market? Our experts researched a variety of the popular d handle shovel at all prices in the market. Check out our favorites, and read product details to get all the information you need to make the best choice!

Choosing the best d handle shovel can be challenging. With so many models on the market, how do you know which one is right for you?

This buying guide will help you find one.

Our system considers a set of factors to make the trending list, which includes:

  • Product & brand value
  • Features & specifications
  • Durability, quality & longevity
  • Consumer ratings & reviews
  • Product price & warranties
  • Size & materials
  • Accessories & Tips for Organization
  • Style & Design

We’ll discuss different types of d handle shovel and key features to look for when deciding. Let’s get started!

Best d handle shovel With Specifications

Although the “best” d handle shovel makers will always come down to a slight amount of subjectivity, we scoured the web and did our research to find the top brand producing some of the most reliable and widest range of d handle shovel  in the business. If you want the easiest way to measure your product before using it, you will probably also like our list. Additionally, if you want more products to add to your collection, our list of the best d handle shovel on the market is a great place to start.

1. Fiskars 46 Inch Steel D-handle Digging Shovel

Features :

  • Ideal for digging in tough soil
  • Large D-handle design offers secure two-handed control when digging
  • Welded 14-gauge hardened steel blade and 18-gauge steel shaft provide durability that far outlasts wood-handled tools and won’t flex like fiberglass
  • Sharpened blade makes it easy to penetrate tough soil or break up hardened dirt clods
  • Lifetime warranty
  • All-steel construction for heavy-duty durability
  • Oversized step provides a secure and comfortable platform for your foot, allowing you to use your stronger leg muscles
  • Pre-sharpened blade cuts through the ground easier
  • Teardrop-shaped handle is easier to grip and reduces hand fatigue
  • Oversized D-shaped handle fits both hands for added comfort and control

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 4
Width 10
Length 48
Weight 5

2. CALIDAKA Shovel D Grip Handle 3.1cm/1.22inch Inside Diameter Metal Shovel Replacement Handle with Wooden Grip Spade Handle for Garden Digging Raking Tool 9.05×4.7inch

Features :

  • 1pc Practical D- shaped Garden Shovel Handle Grip Useful Shovel Replacement Parts
  • By placing the tool higher on the shaft and standing straighter, muscle strength can be increased.
  • help you work more efficiently and reduce the pressure on your lower back by up to 15%.Easy installation, it can be used repeatedly.
  • Metal hardware tools shake hands to improve productivity and muscle efficiency.Replacement Handle is made of iron and wood materials, strong and durable, and can serve you for a long time.
  • Handle Shovel D Grip Handle Good Hand Protect Garden Accessories for Snow Shovel Digging Raking Tools Size: (Approx) (LxW) 23x12cm/9.05×4.7inch, tube dia. 3.1cm/1.22inch

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 0.5905511805
Width 4.724409444
Length 9.055118101

3. Shovel D Grip Handle,32mm/1.26″ Inner Diameter PVC Shovel D Grip Handle,Replacement Handle for Digging Raking Tool 1pcs

Features :

  • Mounting Hole Inner Diameter:32Mm/1.26″.Pack Quantity:1.
  • Pvc:Not Just A Plastic Dgrip!Polyvinyl Chloride Material Shovel Handle In Red-Black,Good Mechanical Properties
  • Easy To Use:Make Sure The End Of The Shovel Fits The Mounting Hole Size,Comfortable To Use,Good Replacement For Your Broken One
  • Total Size:32 X 193Mm/12.6″X7.6″(D*H):Thickness:105Mm/4.1″
  • Increase Muscle Power By Griping A Tool Higher On The Shaft And Stand Up Straighter.Switch Your Stance From Left Hand To Right Hand For More Balance.Shovel,Rake,Sweep And Garden With Less Effort!

4. Shovel for Digging ,Round Shovel, Garden Tool with D-Handle, 41 Inches in Overall Length , Wooden Handel Garden Shovel,Beach Shovel, Car Snow Shovel

Features :

  • VERSATILITY—Round shovel used as garden edging shovel,camp shove,plow shove,trenching shovel,snow shovel for driveway,survival shovel.You can also use it to grow shrubs and ball diameters. The shovel is of good quality, light weight but strong.
  • PERFECTDESIGN—D-shaped handle design increases the grip. The pedals and fins on the top of the blade are for you to step on. The drop-shaped shovel head is designed with a small to large contact surface, which can show strong digging capabilities, making it easier to complete digging, shoveling and transferring.The shape makes it easy to dig through packed soil.
  • AVAILABLE ALL YEAR ROUND—In spring and summer, it is used to dig pits and transplant trees, digging up roots/old stumps repair lawn edges, and move gravel and dirt . In autumn and winter, it is used toClear leaves and weeds, remove ice and snow from the driveway.
  • LONG SERVICE LIFE—The shovel head is made of cold-rolled steel, and the hardness is improved by high temperature quenching. It will not bend or deform when it comes into contact with hard stones during use. The pure wood handle is more durable and environmentally friendly.
  • 41 INCHES—The overall size of the shovel is 41 inches. It can be placed in the trunk of a car and used as a car shovel or camping shovel. The weight of 3.3 pounds will not feel heavy during use, making work easier.

Additional Info :

Color Wood
Item Dimensions
Height 3
Width 9
Length 41
Weight 3.3

5. Truper 31185 Tru Tough Round Point Shovel, D-Handle, 30-Inch

Features :

  • PRY-E, 30-inch North American ash, lacquered handle with d-grip for balance and control
  • White ash handles give optimum ratio of resistance and flexibility
  • 9-Inch cushion grip for improved control and reduced hand fatigue
  • Sturdy steel collar reinforces head to handle assembly
  • Truper 31185, a seriously long lasting tool at an affordable price

Additional Info :

Color White
Item Dimensions
Height 41
Width 9
Length 5.25
Weight 3.5

6. Plastic Spade Handle Shovel D Grip Handle, 32mm Inner Diameter Spade Snow Shovel Handle, Spade Snow Scoop Digging Raking Tools Hand Protect Garden Accessorie for Snow Shovel Digging Raking (Yellow)

Features :

  • Dimensions: Shovel D Grip Handle total size 200 x 100mm/7.87 x 3.93-inch ;Thickness: 30mm/1.18-inch; Mounting Hole Inner Diameter 32mm/1.26-inch. Comfortable to use, good replacement for your broken one.
  • High Quality: Polyvinyl chloride material shovel handle good mechanical properties, fine workmanship, no burr on the surface, high-quality plastic material, replacement snow shovel handle durable, the material is really solid.
  • Quick Installation: Replacement Shovel Handle for Snow wheeled shovel. Designed for extra durability and long life for heavy soil, wet snow. Ideal for snow shovel, digging raking tools, etc, good hand protect garden accessories.
  • Excellent Design: Make sure the end of the shovel fits the mounting hole size, snow shovel handle replacement good replacement for your broken one, easy to use and labor saving. dig, rake, shovel snow more comfortably,Universal design handle is perfect for rakes, fork,shovels to replace the plastic handle on spade.
  • Multi-Functional: Lightweight D shape handles can improve the ability of clearing snow, soil and the head is connected by screws. Easy to install, could be used repeatedly, the ergonomic shape makes the grip more comfortable, lightweight and durable and non-slip.

Additional Info :

Color Yellow

7. MroMax 2Pcs Shovel D Grip Handle, 1-1/4″ Inner Diameter 32mm PVC Spade Snow Shovel Replacement Handle Garden Accessories for Digging Raking Gardening Tool Camp Shovel Garden Shovel

Features :

  • 【Dimensions】- 1-1/4″ Shovel D Grip Replacement Handle total size 30 x 193mm / 1.18 x 7.6-inch (D*H);Thickness: 105mm / 4.13-inch; Mounting Hole Inner Diameter 32mm / 1.26-inch.
  • 【Material】- Polyvinyl chloride material Shovel D Grip Plastic Spade Handle in Black(red), good mechanical properties,The material is really solid.
  • 【Excellent design】- Make sure the end of the shovel fits the mounting hole size, good replacement for your broken one, easy to use and labor saving. dig, rake, shovel snow more comfortably.
  • 【Application】- Universal design d-handle for shovels is perfect for rakes, shovels to replace the plastic handle on spade.
  • 【Package Content】- 2 x Fork Shovel Handles. NOTE: The product is made of PVC and has some odor. It is recommended to ventilate the product after receiving the goods to dissipate the odor before using it.

Additional Info :

Color Red-Black
Item Dimensions
Height 1.1811
Width 4.13385
Length 7.59841
Weight 387

8. Snow Shovel Handle Replacement – D Shaped Shovel Handle Grip,1.1-1.25″ Adjustable Inner Dia Replacement Shovel Handle Drilling Free for Snow Shovel,Garden Tools

Features :

  • Anti-slip and laborsaving – this D Grip shovel handle makes you hold more comfortable,non-slip & light weighted,which is easy to use, help you to work more effectively.
  • Universal fit adjustable size- the inner hole diameter of the shovel handle replacement is 1.25″ maximum mounting . We also included 2 different size inner rubber sleeve (1mm, 2mm) for you to put into the handle tube to adjust inner diameter per you need.
  • Easy to assemble- No drilling required, no damage to your replacement shovel handle. All hardware include for easy installation.
  • Sturdy and durable – Premium ABS plastic made material which is light and durable, with 2 screws fixation which makes this shovel handle grip never loosen up during long time work.
  • Multiple application-the snow shovel handle grip replacement is ideal for spade,snow shovel, garden shovel,rake and other garden tools. 30 day refund guarantee and friendly helpful customer service.

Additional Info :

Color Black

9. Ashman Round Shovel (1 Pack) – D Handle Grip with 41 Inches Long Shaft with a Durable Handle – Heavy Duty Blade Weighing 2.2 pounds – Orange Shovel with a Solid Build.

Features :

  • Multi Utility Shovel – The round shovel serves multiple purposes and can be easily used for trenching, transplanting, for moving compost and a multitude of other purposes. One product for all for all the diverse needs. The shovel can cut, scoop, dig and lift and dice through hard soil. It can be used for the purpose of cultivation. You can use it to remove anything stuck in a swamp.
  • Perfect Grip – The handle comes with a D Handle that enables easy gripping of the shovel which in turn provides a two-handed control enhancing the efficiency during usage. The round shaped blade ensures scooping and cupping of the soil such that it can be transferred from the digging spot to the disposal spot. The handle won’t slip off from the hand during usage even when applying strong forces.
  • Premium Quality Top Notch Construction – The hardened round blade is strong and highly durable, and the Durable handle outlasts a wooden handle, extending the service life of the round shovel. The build is such that it feels good to hold and work with. The durable handle has low conductivity meaning it won’t transfer any electricity, heat or cold
  • Sharp Blades – The finely sharpened round blade with a teardrop-shaped end penetrates soil easily and the ergonomic construction helps apply strong force to slice through easily for faster progress. The blade slices swiftly and glides into the soil when digging and scooping. The round curvature ensures that the soil won’t fall off during transfer. The blades will march into the soil just the way a knife slides into an ice cream when cutting slabs.
  • Customer satisfied product: Ashman offers premium products for your lawn and garden while exceeding the highest industry standards and offering impeccable customer care.

Additional Info :

Color Orange
Item Dimensions
Weight 2.2

10. Ashman Round Shovel (1 Pack) – 27 Inches in Length, Durable Handle, Round Shovel with Comfortable Grip with a Sturdy Blade, Multipurpose Premium Round Point Blade Shovel.

Features :

  • Multipurpose Shovel – The heavy-duty round shovel serves numerous purposes and can be easily used for cutting a trench, edging, digging, slicing through thick turf, and plowing. The shorter handle provides enhanced control in the proximity of the work area. The curvature of the round-edged shovel will help skim through the soil due to the special angle of elevation persistent from the center to the edge of the shovel blade.
  • Solid Grip – The D Handle Grip provides a firm and comfortable hold with a two-handed control, to firmly cut through hard and stubborn surfaces. Every inch of the gripping area has been crafted with the right inclination to ensure a slip-free hold. The grip is so secure that you will lose yourself in enjoying the work.
  • Premium Quality Construction – The hardened round blade is made to persist in high-intensity work environments. The handle is sculpted using specially designed durable that can prevail in a harsh working condition, take all the blows, and still be ready and upright for usage time and again.
  • Sharp Blades – The finely sharpened round blade with a teardrop-shaped end penetrates hardened soil easily. The fine edges have been conferred a curvature built by laser precision instruments to upgrade and take your work to another level of comfort.
  • Customer satisfied product: Ashman offers premium products for your lawn and garden while exceeding the highest industry standards and offering impeccable customer care.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 2.5
Width 6
Length 28

You should ask yourself four questions before buying the best d handle shovel. These questions will help narrow down your choices and ensure that you don’t buy any of the best d handle shovel and make them useless or out of style. To save money, shop around first or research and check prices on online stores.

1. Is the best d handle shovel right for your needs?

The question that you have to ask yourself before buying any of the best d handle shovel is whether or not they will suit your needs. Besides, you must clearly define what your needs and purposes are. From there, you can choose the best product and serve it according to your requirements.

2. How many competitors does it have?

Many different factors go into answering this question. The number of competitors can vary greatly depending on the best d handle shovel you are dealing with and the scope of your business model.  Knowing how these factors can affect your market share is important when deciding whether or not you should enter a new market.

3. Can I buy something similar cheaper elsewhere?

One of the most common questions that a lot of customers ask is, “Can I buy something similar cheaper elsewhere?” The short answer is no. When you are looking for a quality d handle shovel, the most important thing to know is that cheap is not always better. You should carefully research the best d handle shovel before buying and consult the prices on some online sales websites to make the best decision.

4. What is the return policy?

Return policy is the most important thing to consider regarding the best d handle shovel from a manufacturer. If you’re unsatisfied or something goes wrong with your purchase, you’ll want to know that you have some way to go about it. Additionally, we’ve compiled a list of highly reputable brands based on their return policies and customer service to help people find and choose the best d handle shovel.

Best d handle shovel Buying Guide


There are many different qualities of materials, but it isn’t easy to pinpoint a single specific quality that defines high-quality. Most people will agree that high-quality materials have a long lifetime and don’t rust or break easily, for example, stainless steel. Expensive pieces tend to be more durable because the lower-priced options often use cheaper, less durable materials to cut costs.

In some cases, the more expensive alternative may not necessarily be higher quality than a less expensive option, so compare prices and research before making any purchases. It’s best to go with what you can afford while still getting a high-quality product.

Easier to clean and use

Everyone loves a good product that will last longer without breaking or needing maintenance to keep it running smoothly! We all have busy lives, so it’s best to buy something that will save you time on daily tasks instead of wasting hours weekly.

This best d handle shovel is easy to maintain because of its simple design, making it very easy to clean! You can wash your best item in about 10 seconds or less! And best of all, if you do run into any trouble with your product, you can take advantage of the product’s warranty and get it replaced for free.


The durability of the best d handle shovel is one of the essential things to consider while making a purchase. The best item will last longer and provide better value for your money. People always want the best for themselves, including the best d handle shovel. Many people are not sure if they should spend money on them. If you can choose between two types of something, one has better quality than another. 

People do not want to spend more money buying a good product, so they review sites before purchasing items. Therefore, you can learn what others think of confident best d handle shovel available before deciding if it’s worth spending your hard-earned cash on them or not. Review sites give customers information about the best items. Therefore, when shopping, you should choose the best d handle shovel available with high durability to avoid wasting money.


If you are looking for the best d handle shovel available, don’t be fooled by what the manufacturer announces. When it comes to the best quality products, some of your favorite brands might not even make it. 

The best products are often not as advertised because the better the item, the lower the returns on investment for selling it. Advertising costs outweigh what can be made a good enough quality sale to be worth spending money on.

The culture has also desensitized consumers to marketing schemes, so you won’t see many people getting fooled by fancy ads anymore-especially not on social media. Some of these lower-quality products offer lower prices than more reputable ones without compromising quality, but if they’re, why look at price first before any other reason!

Avoid common mistakes

It’s not unusual to make mistakes when using a product, especially the first time. If you have color-blindness or not, you must pay close attention to the color descriptions and be sure you understand them before purchasing anything.

You have to read all reviews from customers. Even the small things about it are an invaluable resource for making the best decision when shopping for new products that will improve your life. So don’t forget to read reviews on the best items before purchasing them.

This way, you can get more information about what people think of the confident the best d handle shovel available, rather than just reading about it on their package or website. Anything of sale does not always give the best idea of what the customer thinks.

The Verdict

Yes, these d handle shovels have very similar appearances, and the features are largely the same. That said, there are differences in performance, design, and how well they work when the rubber meets the road. This side-by-side comparison will help you navigate the differences and identify the d handle shovel best suits your needs.

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