Best Electronic Mouse Cat Toy -Reviews and Buying Guide

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Many pet parents lead busy lives, preventing them from giving their cats enough playtime to manage their weight and fulfill their natural hunting instincts. However, this doesn’t mean your feline companion should miss out on the much-needed physical and mental stimulation they require. If you find it difficult to provide your kitty with sufficient playtime, plenty of games and toys can help keep your fur baby happy, fit, and occupied all day long.

To keep your cat happy and healthy, you should provide them with plenty of toys that appeal to their many instinctual play behaviors. Compare game styles. The swat playstyle. There’s a reason cats are universally hailed as “nature’s perfect predators”: they’ve honed their hunting skills to an artful and efficient science. Toys encourage this tendency to connect cats to their natural position as predators, giving a sense of fulfillment.

Here are some of the best electronic mouse cat toy to keep your cat active:  This is a must-have for any cat parent who needs help keeping their feline friend occupied. These mouse cat toys are interactive toys that can stimulate your cat’s mind, body, and senses.

List of the Best Electronic Mouse Cat Toy at a Glance

RankProduct SourceMore Options
1.HEXBUG Remote Control Mouse Cat ToyBuy on Walmart
2.WEFOO Electronic Remote Control Rat Mouse ToyBuy on Ebay
3.Mouse Cat Toy Interactive For CatBuy on Etsy
4.Hartz Just For Cats Mini Mice Cat ToyBuy on Walmart
5.Our Pet’s Play-N-Squeak “Mouse Hunter” Cat ToyBuy on Petco
6.PetSafe Bolt Interactive Laser Cat ToyBuy on Chewy

Best Electronic Mouse Cat Toy Reviews In 2023

1. HEXBUG Remote Control Mouse Cat Toy

Buy Now at Walmart

Keep your cat busy with the HEXBUG remote control mouse cat toy! Your cat will be entertained while they chase, hunt and play with this toy. As they do so, their natural predatory instincts will be stimulated, keeping them active and healthy. A great way to help keep your cat calm when you’re not around!

Activating the mouse causes its soft rubber tail to wiggle forward and backward as it tries to walk and scurries, just like a genuine mouse would. This fluffy feline companion has pink ears as well as whiskers and it can be easily led around obstacles in its path in an effort to elude its captor. This extremely amusing pet toy features two channels of action, allowing for play with many mice and pets at once for increased fun and excitement. Just the hard ones, though. Please take the toy away from your pet if any of the pieces become detached, broken, or loose. Intended solely for the consumption of domesticated pets. This is definitely not a toy for kids.

2. WEFOO Electronic Remote Control Rat Mouse Toy for Cat Dog Kid

Buy Now at Ebay

With this electronic remote control mouse toy, your cat can chase the rat and play games with it efficiently. The moving rat will keep moving forward and backwards around and make noise, which will provoke your cat’s activity. And this electronic toy is also adorable for the owner to play with. The electronic mouse toy is a fun and interactive toy that will keep your cat entertained. It has many features that make it a great toy for your cat to play with.

This electronic mouse toy is made from high quality materials and will last for many years. It comes with a remote control that makes it easy to operate.

3. Mouse Cat Toy Interactive for Cat

Buy Now at Etsy

The Cat Toy Interactive is a fun, interactive toy that will keep your cat busy playing. This automatic cat toy has a mouse that runs back and forth in the ball, trying to escape from your cat. You can also activate the automatic cat toy to encourage your cat’s attention and curiosity. This toy is the best gift for cats. Interactive cat toys with a tail, a pair of LED eyes flashing, and the bell shape of the mouse make it more attractive and funny to play with your pet. It is designed to stimulate the cat eye and coordination skills.

Cats will love this automatic cat toy. The mouse toy is sure to please even the most finicky of felines. This cat’s toy delivers hours of entertainment and helps stimulate their natural hunting instincts. It works by eletrcically sending out a mouse that rolls on a carpet or hard floor, keeping your pet entertained for long periods of time. This automatic cat toy has two color variations available and it is made of high-quality materials. The ideal cat toy for any age!

4. Hartz Just For Cats Mini Mice Cat Toy

Buy Now at Walmart

Hartz just for cats mini mice cat toy is a great way to give your cat something that lasts a bit longer than most of the other cat toys on the market. These colourful, lightweight mice come in a pack of 5 and are made of soft materials with a creative design. These mini mice cat toys are a wonderful way to provide your cat with exercise and entertainment. This set of mouse cat toys come in different colours, making it fun for your feline friend! They’re lightweight and brightly coloured to attract the attention of cats and kittens alike. This pack is perfect for adding variety to your cat’s playtime.

5. Our Pet’s Play-N-Squeak “Mouse Hunter” Cat Toy

Buy Now at Petco

The fact that a toy mouse seems to be the universal favorite among feline playthings also helps keep the price low. The Our Pet’s Play-N-Squeak “Mouse Hunter” Cat Toy  is the ultimate “toy mouse,” although there are plenty to select from. This plush mouse is stuffed with catnip and has an electrical squeaker that makes sounds just as a real mouse would.

This realistic-looking plush mouse will give your cat hours of fun as it stalks and pounces on it. They’re easy to find, and depending on where you shop, cheap. It’s a win-win: this toy gets cats moving around, which helps them stay fit, healthy, and alert. According to its owners, this mouse is a big hit with their feline friends. Consider getting one for each of your living quarters.

6. PetSafe Bolt Interactive Laser Cat Toy

Buy Now at Chewy

Your feline buddy will love the PetSafe Bolt Interactive Laser Cat Toy and will play with it by pouncing, chasing, and bating at the engaging laser patterns. If you’re too busy to play manually, the automatic mode will move the laser in unpredictable patterns. To have some interactive fun with your fuzzy buddy, you may switch to manual mode and take charge of the game by making your own light patterns. In order to save battery life, the laser switches off after 15 minutes. The automatic mode is great because it gives your cat a chance to play with the laser when you’re not around. It’s also a great way to keep them entertained while they’re home alone.

Advantages of Remote Control Cat Toys

Curious about the advantages of playing with your cat with interactive toys? Automatic cat toys are a terrific way to bond with your cat while also keeping them active and satisfying their innate predatory drive.

Spending the day alone might be boring for cats, especially indoor cats. Boredom can cause people to act irrationally, such as engaging in compulsive habits like excessive grooming, binge eating, and depression. Reducing boredom and promoting physical activity are two ways in which interactive toys might benefit mental and physical health.

How to Choose the Best Electronic Cat Toys

There is an abundance of options when it comes to electronic and remote-controlled cat toys, and it might be difficult to narrow down your options. Here are some things to consider before making a purchase.


This must be your primary focus at all times. There is no such thing as a completely risk-free plaything. The most common cause of injury is swallowing a piece of a toy, such as a piece of string, a feather, or a small portion that breaks off. When shopping for a new toy, be sure to check out customer reviews to ensure you’re getting something worth your money. Keep an eye on your cat during playtime to avoid any emergencies at the vet.

Toy Type

Certain remote-controlled playthings let you change the toy’s course and velocity from a distance, making for excitingly dynamic playtimes. Your cat’s movement can activate some automatic toys, while others can be activated remotely by smartphone when you’re not around. If you want to make sure you choose the right kind for your cat, think about trying out a few different kinds first.


The size of some remote-controlled cat toys can be off-putting to shy or young felines. In order to get your cat used to playing with remote-controlled toys, you should start with a smaller model.

Types of Wheels

Most toys controlled by remote control can be wheeled about the house. Wheels with a smaller diameter are best used on hard flooring, whereas wheels with a larger diameter can be used on carpet. Invest in a laser toy instead of a ball if your home is entirely carpeted to avoid frustration.


Enjoying some playful time with your cat can be rewarding, but before you choose a toy, think about how much noise it will create. Those with a low tolerance for noise should check product reviews before purchasing a remote control toy. Toys that create a lot of noise can also frighten some cats.

Using Electronic Cat Toys Effectively: Some Suggestions

It’s a lot of fun to play with your cat using interactive cat toys. But if you haven’t played with your cat with this type of toy previously, it could cause tension. If you follow our advice, you’ll be able to provide your cat the kinds of engaging playtime that will have him or her begging for more.

Limit your use of laser toys

Keep in mind, as we pointed out, that improper usage of laser toys can result in irritation or even permanent eye injury. Avoid irritating your cat by playing with a 3D toy every so often; just make sure the laser isn’t pointed directly at its eye. You can get the same effect with a standard flashlight that has a narrow beam or a penlight for much less money and much less risk than laser toys.

You can use them to avoid isolation and monotony

To keep your cat entertained while you’re gone, consider getting him or her some interactive toys. Cats can benefit from remote control toys even when their owners are not around. Cat laser toys with a remote control and a built-in camera are a terrific way to play with your pet and keep an eye on them while you’re not around.

Toys should be safe and suitable for the intended age range

All cats of any age can enjoy remote-controlled toys, although cautions that kittens tend to prefer interactive objects they can really pounce on and bite. So, select a tough toy that can withstand slightly rougher play, and keep an eye out for signs of wear and tear.

Set time limits for playing

If your cat needs a break from playing, it will usually leave the room. Timer features on certain toys mean your cat won’t have to play for too long at once, relieving any concerns about physical exhaustion. Make sure there’s always enough of clean water around so they may replenish their fluids after a strenuous workout. Don’t make your cat play with a gadget. Don’t feel bad if your cat isn’t into remote control toys; it happens to a lot of people. They may require some time to feel comfortable with the irregular movements and noise levels of these toys. If the cat isn’t interested the first time around, try again later. Catnip can be sprinkled on the toy to further pique their interest. If they continue to ignore it, it could simply be because they prefer other toys.

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