A Library of the Commission's Communication Tools

Since its inception, the Certification Commission has actively engaged in communicating with healthcare stakeholder groups and solicited their participation in the certification development process. The Commission's staff and volunteers regularly present information about its work and future plans at industry meetings and online Web events. Town Calls (public Web-based teleconferences) regularly inform stakeholders about new activities and certification programs. The Commission and its work groups also provide public comment and testimony when invited.

This library of PowerPoint presentations, audio recordings and documents represents the Commission's most recent efforts to inform its stakeholders - consumers, physicians and providers, payers, the health IT industy, government and others - of its work and plans.

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Work in Progress

CCHIT's independent development process for its programs is consensus- based and transparent. From time to time CCHIT publishes development work for public comment. Look for new announcements here. 

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