Best Light Therapy Glasses – Reviews & Features

It is an exciting task to buy a new light therapy glasses, but you need to be careful because you are not just sending to buy a body; it contains many features inside.

It is crucial to choose a device that is waterproof or can be protected with external housing if you love diving.

Similarly, they can have so many requirements, but the good news is that the latest light therapy glasses are also developed with all stunning features to provide satisfactory results.

The guide below will help you get the best details about the light therapy glasses so that you can have the perfect light therapy glasses for your activities.

Our product review guidelines follow a range of factors to make the trending list, which includes:

  • Product & brand value
  • Features & specifications
  • Durability, quality & longevity
  • Consumer ratings & reviews
  • Product price & warranties
  • Size & materials
  • Accessories & Tips for Organization
  • Style & Design

Best light therapy glasses With Specifications

Although the “best” light therapy glasses makers will always come down to a slight amount of subjectivity, we scoured the web and did our research to find the top brand producing some of the most reliable and widest range of light therapy glasses  in the business. You will probably also like our list if you want the easiest way to measure your product before using it. Additionally, if you want more products to add to your collection, our list of the best light therapy glasses on the market is a great place to start.

1. Luminette 3 Light Therapy Glasses – Portable & Wearable Light Therapy Lamp for Active People – Happy Lamp for Sleep Disorders & Winter Blues

Features :

  • ON-THE-GO LIGHT THERAPY – Enjoy more sessions anywhere you go with this portable design. The Luminette 3 can be worn while exercising, traveling, or working. It comes with a micro-USB cable and US plug charger. Each charge lasts for 5-10 light therapy sessions, allowing you greater freedom and autonomy.
  • PROVEN RESULTS – These portable glasses emit a blue-enriched white LED light in 3 intensities (500, 1000, and 1500 lux) proven to effectively fight winter blues and to improve sleep schedules. An independent clinical trial has demonstrated that the Luminette device allows you to get equivalent benefits as those of a 10,000 lux therapy lamp.
  • COMFORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT – Luminette 3 wearable light therapy glasses have a slim profile of only 0.39 inches paired with a weight of 0.42 ounces to stay comfortable on your face for a longer duration. The easy-to-use on-off button makes your morning blue light sessions a breeze.
  • VERSATILE DESIGN – The Luminette 3’s patented illumination system provides your eyes with an ideal light exposure without interfering with your vision. It is designed to be seamlessly compatible with contact lenses or glasses.
  • SAFE & CERTIFIED – Enjoy peace of mind knowing Luminette has been safely used by more than 120,000 users since 2006 to combat winter blues, SAD, sleep disorders, and low energy. The device is certified as a “zero-risk” device according to European Standard IEC62471 on photobiological safety.

Additional Info :

Color White/Blue
Item Dimensions
Height 2.4645049238642
Width 2.99999999694
Length 3.5650071227416
Weight 0.114375

2. PEGASI 2 – Smart Light Therapy Glasses, Improve Your Sleep in 7 Days, Feather-Light, Research-Backed Blue-Green Light, Boost Energy, Beat Jet Lag (Traveling Case Included)

Features :

  • 【SPECIAL BLUE-GREEN LIGHT】PEGASI II features the wavelengths of light between green and blue proven by NASA as effective as blue light or 10,000 lux white light in solving sleep problems, while ensuring greater comfort going through changes in energy levels and sleep cycle.
  • 【SOLVE YOUR SLEEP PROBLEMS】PEGASI Smart Sleep Glasses II can help your body manage the biological clock and regulate the circadian rhythm to improve sleep quality and enhance your mood in less than 7 days. PEGASI is also suitable for those who are suffering from insomnia,low enery level during the day, or other sleep issues.
  • 【EASY TO USE】Drug-free.You only need to wear PEGASI glasses II 30 min/day between 7am-9am. It will take 7 days to show the differences. The brand-new collapsible frame makes it easier to enjoy PEGASI treatment anywhere. PEGASI glasses are portable and lightweight (just 1.7 oz.),you can use them while running, exercising, brushing teeth, eating,even when you wear prescription glasses. Also,you can switch different modes on PEGASI Sleep App via Bluetooth 4.0.
  • 【SAFE FOR YOUR EYES】PEGASI is a member of the US National Sleep Foundation and obtaining 10 patents. The glasses have been certified by FCC, RoHS & CE. PEGASI Glasses emit a specific wavelength which is 100% UV-free,safe for your eyes.
  • 【Traveling Case Included】Upgraded 2.0 Version with new Carrying Case In The Box. Plus, PEGASI products come with 1-Year hassle-free service,If you have any dissatisfaction, please send message to us, we will support our customers in any way we can. Just purchase it NOW and improve your sleep quality.

Additional Info :

Color White
Item Dimensions
Height 1
Width 6
Length 7
Weight 0.10625

3. Azhien Light Therapy Glasses – Wearable Blue Light Therapy Glasses for Sleep Better | Boost Energy | Wellness | Improve Mood

Features :

  • Wearable design,easy to use: Thanks to the wearable design, you can use the bright glasses light to sit on your head comfortably like normal sunglasses, don’t need to sit in front of the light box every morning .
  • Improve sleep, mood or more: Bright galsses light improves sleep, boosts mood, increases energy, and enhances focus, leaving you feeling revitalized.
  • 3 Timer Settings :Built-in automatic timer of 15/30/45mins. Starting with 15 minutes and then gradually increasing to the most suitable using time. You can set them according to your actual situation.
  • Safe blue light &100% UV-FREE: These light glasses output a low-intensity narrow-wave blue high-efficiency spectrum conforming to photobiosafety, with a peak wavelength of 480 nm. 100% UV-FREE .
  • Compact & Portable: With a dimension of 7.9*3.9*1.9 in,3 oz ;the glasses lamp is easy to carry and storage, ideal on the travel. Azhien wearable bule light is rechargeable by Type-C usb cable,one charge gives more than 2 hours use. Supplied with a Type-C USB cable.

Additional Info :

Color White
Item Dimensions
Height 9.842519675
Width 7.480314953
Length 1.3779527545
Weight 0.330693393

4. Re-Timer Portable Light Therapy Glasses – Australian Made, Research Backed. Change Your Sleep Pattern to Suit Your Lifestyle!

Features :

  • LIGHT THERAPY ON THE GO: Re-Timer was designed for active people whom can’t sit in front of a light box each morning. Get your light whilst you eat breakfast or read the morning paper.
  • SAFE GREEN LIGHT: The most effective wavelengths of light are Blue and Green. Green is considered safer. Re-Timer’s peak wavelength is Green Light. 100% UV-FREE. Re-Timer meets the eye safety standard IEC 62471.
  • WORLD’S BEST SELLING GLASSES: Available in 46 countries, Re-Timer is considered the “gold standard”. That’s why 97.7% of Amazon customers choose to keep their Re-Timer.
  • EQUIVALENT TO A 10,000-LUX LAMP: Six published clinical trials demonstrate the efficacy of Re-Timer’s light. Delivering the optimal brightness of 500 lux at the eye, Re-Timer uses an efficient green light blend. These published papers are available for download at our website under the Research tab.

Additional Info :

Color White
Item Dimensions
Height 6
Width 1.5
Length 7
Weight 0.1653466965

5. ZeenKind Light Therapy Glasses – On the Go Portable & Wearable Light Therapy Lamp| Artificial Sunlight Happy Lamp to Beat Low Energy & Winter Blues

Features :

  • 【Less Intensity of Light but with Same Benefits】Our Light Therapy Glasses is using low intensity wavelengths of blue light, so you don’t need to deal with high intensities light that could strain your eyes. The benefits of our sad light glasses is same as 10,000 Lux light of Light Therapy Lamp.
  • 【Built-in Automatic Timer】Set the time of your glass easier and faster with the help of our built-in smart timer: I. 15 mins, II. 30 mins, and III. 45 mins, that automatically shuts off once the timer is reach. It also has light indicator, so you know what time you’ve set. Please see the manual to know the right duration of usage that’s applicable to your case.
  • 【On the Go Light Therapy】Worry no more if you are an active person and needs to have light therapy. With its weight of 88 grams or 3.10 oz, and its foldable design, you can easily carry and use this anywhere! It also comes with a pouch, so you don’t need to worry where to keep it.
  • 【100% Refundable】 We guarantee high-quality and safe products. After trying it within a month, with 7 consecutive days of using, and you feel like it’s not working for you, we accept returns and offer a full refund as long as the request is received by us within 30 days from receipt of the item.
  • 【Safe & Certified】Free your mind from worrying because our Light Therapy Glasses is UV free, has no blue light hazard, and has passed in a lot of certifications. Our product meets IEC 62471 photobiological safety testing standard and has the “non-hazardous” safety level testing report. It is also CE, RoHS, and FCC certified.

Additional Info :

Color White
Item Dimensions
Height 1.7
Width 12.9
Length 7.9

6. Color Therapy Mood Glasses (10 Pack) by Purple Canyon | Light Therapy Chakra Healing Glasses Chromotherapy Color Tinted Lenses Relaxing Glasses

Features :

  • COLOR THERAPY GLASSES by Purple Canyon will provide you with a boost of happiness and a variety of mental and physical health benefits. These colored glasses offer an affordable, easy-to-use form of chromotherapy. With a variety of colors to choose from in this 10 pack, you’ll always have a pair of glasses to suit your needs.
  • BENEFITS OF CHROMOTHERAPY: Color therapy, also known as chromotherapy, can balance your mood to help cope with anxiety, defeat writer’s block, and improve sociability. Light Therapy has physical health benefits as well, such as reducing migraine pain, lowering heart rate, and more. Colored lens glasses can also assist with chakra healing and alignment.
  • FOR ANYONE, ANYWHERE: No matter where you go or who you’re with, these mood glasses blend perfectly as sunglasses with any outfit. With their color-matching frames and standard fit, they are sleek, gender-neutral, and will keep you feeling confident and balanced all day long.
  • HIGH-QUALITY DESIGN: With stainless steel hinges, strong PVC, and scratch-resistant lenses, Color Therapy Glasses by Purple Canyon are made with the utmost quality and care.
  • HOW TO USE: Color tinted glasses stimulate the brain to improve the user’s mood and health. Each color affects the brain in a unique way due to differences in wavelengths. Wear for 10-30 minutes a day to feel the difference!

Additional Info :

Color Multi Color

7. Green Color Therapy Mood Glasses by Purple Canyon | Migraine Glasses Light Therapy Chakra Healing Glasses Chromotherapy Green Colored Lenses

Features :

  • GREEN COLOR THERAPY GLASSES by Purple Canyon are perfect for an alternative migraine treatment! Its mixture of mental benefits like optimism and a sense of renewal, green is great for emotional and physical balance.
  • GREEN LIGHT BENEFITS: Green light therapy increases feelings of rejuvenation and optimism through chromotherapy. Studies indicate that green light therapy may suppress chronic pain, migraines and relieve symptoms of light sensitivity. Subjects in one study experienced an average 60% decrease in the intensity of their migraines.
  • FOR ANYONE, ANYWHERE: No matter where you go or who you’re with, these mood glasses blend perfectly as sunglasses with any outfit. With their color-matching frames and standard fit, they are sleek, gender-neutral, and will keep you feeling confident and balanced all day long.
  • HIGH QUALITY DESIGN: With stainless steel hinges, strong PVC, and scratch-resistant lenses, Color Therapy Glasses by Purple Canyon are made with the utmost quality and care.
  • HOW TO USE: Green colored glasses stimulate the brain to improve the user’s mood and health. Each color affects the brain in a unique way due to differences in wavelengths. Wear for 10-30 minutes a day to feel the difference!

Additional Info :

Color Green

8. OPT/IPL Laser Protective Glasses Goggles for Photon Beauty Red Light Therapy Device

Features :

  • UV Protection Coating coating
  • Use to protect your eyes when tanning, using light therapy, or laser treatment.
  • The goggles are completely see through.

Additional Info :

Color Green

9. Sperti UV Eye Protection Goggles for Tanning and Light Therapy

Features :

  • Made with high quality materials; All parts are manufactured and fully assembled in the USA
  • Both the nosepiece and strapping are fully adjustable for a comfortable fit
  • For use with UV products
  • Blocks both UVA and UVB rays using specially designed green lenses
  • Balance of maximum protection with a sleek, minimal profile

10. Blue Blocking Glasses -for Sleep -Block 99.9% Blue & Green Light (400nm – 580nm) -PaleoTechÂŽ Dark Therapy Lens -Fall Asleep Faster -Optimize Hormones -Calm Eyes & Headaches

Features :

  • Block 99.9% of the full spectrum of blue and green light (400nm to 580nm) for better sleep. WHY RED? Studies show that green light disrupts sleep just like blue light and our PaleoTech red lens blocks both. Orange lenses don’t block green light.
  • DARK THERAPY: Is the process of greatly reducing exposure to any light during the hours before sleep. This is done to prevent the breakdown of melatonin by blue (and green) light, which is an important hormone involved in regulating the bodily circadian rhythm. Our eyewear offers a novel approach to dark therapy for sleep because they are designed to block 92% of total light as well as 99.9% blue and green light. Darkness improves sleep.
  • IMPROVED CIRCADIAN RHYTHM: This is the goal. It has been shown to benefit nearly all aspects of health and recovery. Better sleep is just one important result of improved circadian rhythm. The darkness created by our eyewear is an important component to strengthen this rhythm but it must be accompanied with increased daytime light exposure (bare eyes)to be most effective. For best results a comprehensive strategy should be implemented (refer to diagram).
  • FEEL BETTER NATURALLY – Conditions that show improvement from circadian rhythm regulation include: Sleep Disorders, Weight Management, Sports Performance and Muscular Recovery, Lyme Disease, Infertility, Jet Lag, Anxiety, Diabetes, Postpartum Depression, Seasonal Affective Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, ADHD, Neurodegenerative Disease, Heart Disease, Cancer and other Metabolic Related Diseases and Conditions.
  • Notes: 1. This model is not designed to fit over glasses. 2. These dark lenses are designed to mimic darkness – it’s one of the reasons they are so effective. Therefore, they are quite dark and are best used while relaxing before bed while doing pre-sleep activities like reading. 3. The red colour of the lens may take 10 minutes or more to get used to. 4. Effects are best realized after 7 or more nights of continuous use. 5. 1 or 2 nights is an insufficient test of the products effectiveness.

Additional Info :

Color Red

Buying Guide to Choose light therapy glasses

Depends on You

When you buy an light therapy glasses, you may need support to hold it while shooting during adventurous activities. It is important to note that not all companies manufacture light therapy glasses with these specifications, such as lighter weight, smaller size, and waterproof.  

The market has many third-party accessories for light therapy glasses at different price points, but the quality also varies. A light therapy glasses with the same design and shape can differ greatly in terms of material quality and price. To ensure safety, we recommend buying branded accessories only when purchasing an expensive light therapy glasses. Search for a company you trust and are familiar with rather than buying cheaper models.

Power Accessories 

When you buy a branded light therapy glasses, it comes with a standard battery unit; few devices have removable batteries, whereas others have fixed battery units inside. For users, it is necessary to have information about how long life their battery will have with 4K shooting or with 1080p level. If you plan to film for the whole day, you may need additional batteries for replacement if possible.

Many third-party sellers will offer you compatible light therapy glasses at a low price, but many risks are involved. Few of these can serve you perfectly for long hours, but others may start heating the whole device with time. I prefer to check user reviews before investing in such light therapy glasses.

Lights – Depends on You

There are so many different functions and sizes of light therapy glasses. Most of these are specific, whereas others possess special conversion type adapters that can be easily attached to other devices. While buying such things, you must get enough details about their usage, power, and battery life.


Because of the changing technology, there are more and more accessories for light therapy glasses. As for the best light therapy glasses accessories, we can choose according to our requirements.

After reading the buyer’s guide, you should know better what to look for and what to avoid. Some quality light therapy glasses out there will provide great features. You should also be able to find accessories that will help improve your light therapy glasses quality.

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